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Laryngitis in children under one year

Laryngitis in children under one year

Laryngitis - a disease associated with inflammation of the membrane of the larynx.Very often, laryngitis accompanies colds and infectious diseases such as scarlet fever, measles, whooping cough, etc.

emergence of laryngitis in young children due to the fact that their nasopharynx still unable to prevent the access of viruses and pathogens from it come straight to the children's larynx.In adults, the larynx is wide, and the disease they carry easily and quickly, and in the case of children's narrow throat and laryngitis carry heavy and treated much longer.

Acute laryngitis in children may occur as a result of suffering a cooling or as a manifestation of infectious diseases (influenza, measles, scarlet fever, etc.).

Chronic laryngitis develops due to prolonged inflammation in the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses and throat.

Symptoms of laryngitis in children

laryngitis A sick child looks pale, shows signs of severe anxiety, choking.My throat feels sore, he and dry, his voice becomes hoarse or disap


What should you do if a child is ill laryngitis

  • discovering the child symptoms of laryngitis, call an ambulance emergency care.While the ambulance on the way, take the child in his arms, sat on his lap, remove clothes from him so that the chest was completely open.

  • Due to the fact that he had swollen throat, the child may begin to suffocate.To ease his condition, let him drink warm milk mixture with water.This fluid can also add baking soda - it will help reduce the swelling of the larynx .

  • The room can be excessively dry air, to add the suffering of the sick child.Wet diapers or towels and hang them in the room to moisten the air.To remove the swelling, you can use yellow card, putting it in the area of ​​child throat or chest.

  • child can help inhalation.Open the faucet in the bathroom with hot water, let it pours into the bath, and the room is filled with steam.Before the arrival of the doctor periodically go to the bathroom, the child can breathe moist air.From this procedure, laryngeal tension weakens and facilitated the outflow of mucus.

  • important that the child in any case was not nervous.Try to behave safely as possible, otherwise your child will be transferred panic.Avoid prolonged crying or screaming in a child.Wear it on the hands, cradled distracting toys and talk.Child with the hold so that his body is positioned vertically.

  • With frequent laryngospasm desirable hospitalized baby to always be under medical supervision and the removal of attacks carried out with the help of medication.The mother should be with hospitalized child, especially at night, to be constantly on the alert and keep track of the beginning of each episode.

  • If your child has a fever, you should give him antipyretics and drinking plenty of fluids.Dress the child should be so that clothes are not pressed on his chest.If the child is breastfed, often let his chest.

  • edema help antihistamine medication and antispasmodics.But to rid the airways of mucus from the baby, use drugs that facilitate expectoration.In severe forms of laryngitis doctor may also receive antibiotic medicines.

How to treat laryngitis in young children

and acute and chronic laryngitis should be treated in strict accordance with the doctor's recommendation.On how to be a good treatment of acute laryngitis depends cure the baby from this illness.

kids, laryngitis cases, it is best treated in a hospital.The normal term treatment of acute laryngitis is 3-4 days, during which time the child will be protected from unexpected laryngospasm.

Treatment of infantile chronic laryngitis is appointed by the doctor depending on the effects of myocardial inflammation.To combat the disease usually use ointments and inhalations, physiotherapy sessions prescribed by a doctor.Depending on severity of the disease, can be used as various medicines, and even surgery.

What should be the prevention of laryngitis in young children

If up to 2 years old baby at least once ill with laryngitis, the probability of relapse remains high until the child reaches 10 years of age.Excellent prevention of this disease would be hardening.Remember that you can begin to hardening only when the baby is completely healthy.

Start with air baths, regular outdoor exercise.As soon as possible let your child walk barefoot.Completing the process of bathing, practice pouring water, which is 1-1,5oS below the water in which you bathe the baby.Gradually accustom the baby to the cooler water, but - not to the detriment of his health.Tempered child laryngitis is not threatened.

Laryngitis - disease, a tendency which can be inherited.If your family cases of laryngitis - a common occurrence, consult with a specialist, so he advised the most effective ways to increase your child's immunity, since hardening in such cases may be appropriate.

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