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Espumizan for a newborn - whether it is possible to give and how to apply

Espumizan for a newborn - whether it is possible to give and how to apply

unlikely that young parents can boast that their newborn baby never had colic.Most recently born at babies gut is haunted.It accumulated gases, because of which the little tummies hurt, and the kids suffer from colic, straining from screaming.

If the mother before the baby's feed, and laid him on his tummy, and after eating will not forget to hold the baby upright for a while, the kid these actions can bring some relief.Helping children from colic gentle massage tummy and attachment to his heat.

But not always listed some simple ways to eliminate children from the storm in the intestine.Sometimes, they need something more efficient, effective.And young mothers start asking experienced friends, seek advice on the Internet, turning the pages of the medical encyclopedia, listen to advertising.

Those parents who are fortunate enough to hear about the preparation time for newborns Espumizan soon forget about the problems with the intestines have a child.To help them come medication manufactured by Germa

n pharmaceutical company, "Berlin-Chemie" - a drug carminative action in the short term gained popularity in the foreign and domestic markets children's medicines.

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What Eespumizan for a newborn?

Espumizan considered one of the most effective drugs for reducing pain in the abdomen.For very young children is still a modern pharmaceutical industry has developed and manufactures a special kind of such a drug - Espumizan for a newborn.

Espumizan for the newborn for children from the first day of birth until the year.Often the drug and give older kids.Throughout the year, while the child receives Espumizan, intestines baby learns to adapt to the diet, and gradually the need for taking the drug disappears.

Espumizan Available as tablets, drops, capsules.With regard to the preparation intended for newborn babies, it is produced in the form of an emulsion to facilitate the crumbs medication and accelerate its action on suffering from intestinal colic child's body.The emulsion can be given Espumizan newborn literally from the first day of life.

Espumizan is the basis for the active substance - simethicone.The product effectively prevents gas formation and is a wonderful carminative.The mechanism of action of the drug in two ways: it helps the gas bubbles soak into the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and promotes the removal of gases from the body of the baby.Use Espumizan is not only the extinction of pain in children's tummy, but in the absence of adverse effect, and that's so important for drugs destined for the tiny kids.When

give Espumizan babies?

Due to the absence of side effects, as well as the fact that the drug is derived from the child's body without changing its original state, Espumizan can be considered one of the best ways to deal with children's colic.Newborn babies suffering from pains in the stomach, may be given or only Espumizan emulsion or combined intake of the drug with nonmedicinal means of intestinal colic.

Indications for use emulsion Espumizan are, as mentioned above, intestinal colic in children.However, the range of use of the drug is much wider.It can be used to alleviate the condition of the child, in which the intestines gets air during feeding, as well as any form of flatulence in the child and dyspepsia.It happens that the child was poisoned food or household chemicals.In this case Espumizan can help.

Espumizan designed for prolonged use.For a time it is impossible to rid the body of a child from problems with the intestines.Dosing and regular intake of the drug is recommended as long as the child does not forget about colic.

Before Espumizan give your child, you should consult with a pediatrician, so he made sure that your child is plagued by intestinal colic, and not anything else.In addition, it is a pediatrician can recommend the optimal dosage of the medication, not to overdo it with the treatment of the baby.

As Espumizan give the newborn baby?

Give the kid the medicine should either before meals or with food, and before put the child in the crib.Be sure to shake the container prior to use of the drug emulsion.The usual dosage is 25 Espumizan emulsion drops 3 to 5 times during the day.In the case of poisoning your doctor may prescribe a child receiving emulsion in an amount of 10-50 ml.

Entering drugs performed strongly dosed using dropper.It is recommended to first instill in spoon desired amount of drops and then drip from the spoon baby in her mouth, using a pipette.A child between 3 months and can be given directly from Espumizan teaspoon metered into it the required dose of the emulsion.The drug takes effect 10-15 minutes after administration.

Espumizan and contraindications to receiving

Although Espumizan for newborns is a fairly innocuous agent for improving children's intestines, but over the long practice of using this drug revealed that there are contraindications for its reception.Some children may show increased sensitivity to the drug.It is not recommended to give Espumizan as if the child constipation or bowel obstruction.

In a few cases, the child's body can react to the reception Espumizan skin rash and itching.In general, however, this drug side effects, and therefore does not common in pediatric practice.Cases of overdose Espumizan medical statistics are unknown.We should not be afraid to give this drug kids who have a high level of blood sugar, asin this medication no sugar.

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