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Hydrops in neonates

Hydrops in neonates

Dropsy testicles - the deviation in the development of one or both testicles in newborn boys, which is referred to in medical science the term "hydrocele."

essence of the disease is that the membranes surrounding the egg is collected and is not output an excessive amount of liquid, due to which one half of the scrotum, the scrotum or the entire whole swells in size.Dimensions hydrocele in every case of the disease are different: it may be a little swelling, and may reach the size of a large pear.

Usually boys with hydrocele are not experiencing any pain.Hydrocele can be isolated and communicating.In the first case, the liquid accumulated in the egg shells, and does not extend beyond them.And when communicating hydrocele testis surrounding liquid can penetrate through the vaginal process of the scrotum to the groin area or in the abdominal cavity.

In infants with a hydrocele is often diagnosed and the presence of inguinal hernia.By itself, testicular edema, despite the fact that normally does not ca

use pain in the child, a pathology to be treated.The surrounding liquid egg becomes an obstacle for normal thermoregulation, because of which increases the risk of overheating the eggs, which could affect later the male body functions.

reasons hydrocele in infants

main reason for the development of hydrocephalus in the newborn is incomplete overgrowth vaginal canal, located in the lower part of the peritoneum.It is through this channel the liquid which is formed in the abdominal cavity, can penetrate into the scrotum and assembled there in large quantities.

There are times when the vaginal canal is so broad that it falls into the scrotum is not only fluid, but other organs such as the bowel loops.Through the same channel, if it is wide enough in diameter, egg of the scrotum can get into the groin area, due to which the child develops an inguinal hernia.

in the normal development of a newborn baby boy, even at a time when the baby is in the womb, his testicles descend into the scrotum from the abdomen.On its way through the inguinal canal to the egg draws a portion of the peritoneum, which later becomes the tunica vaginalis testis and spermatic cord and abdominal appendage normally should overgrown.

If this process has remained nezarosshim, you may just need to wait a while until the process imperforate happen by itself, and then edema resolve without intervention.The child, who developed normally in the womb and the mother is not experienced problems with the pregnancy and gave birth to him easily and in due time, the edema is rather the exception.

Premature babies as well as children whose mothers hard to bear the pregnancy, while there was a risk of miscarriage, hydrocele is common.These children often develop hydrocephalus in the vicinity of the inguinal hernia.

The cause of hydrocele of the child may also be a high intra-abdominal pressure, resulting from the adoption of measures resuscitation character.Stress and a baby crying, and wrongly executed exercise can cause the development of hydrocele.If a child is constantly tense and restless, which often happens when problems with the intestine, hydrocele, when it reportedly can develop in the groin or inguinal-scrotal hernia.

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Diagnostics Methods hydrocele in infants

To determine whether your newborn baby's hydrocele can carry out a study on the basis of diafonoskopii or ultrasound of the scrotum.

diaphanoscope is a diagnostic procedure in which the monitoring body would be exposed as a radiography of a flashlight.During the diaphanoscope expert can easily distinguish the dropsy of other diseases, such as hernia.This is possible because in the case of edema scrotum exclusively contains fluid which readily rayed.And if it comes to a hernia, the scrotum will be any foreign body, and translucence in this case will show the presence of a dense structure.

scrotal ultrasound is a more accurate diagnostic method for hydrocele and scrotal hernia.With the help of ultrasound can not only establish the presence of fluid in the scrotum, but also to determine its approximate number.In the case of a hernia, ultrasound helps to discern the presence of the scrotum intestinal loops.

even simpler method that is usually used at the initial stage of diagnosis all experienced professionals - a manual palpation of the scrotum.The doctor probes the hand area of ​​the scrotum and groin in the child.If the scrotal palpation when there is an elastic swelling, the doctor will make a preliminary conclusion about the presence of the baby hydrocephalus.If palpation felt more dense structure, the doctor suggests that this may be a loop colon and hernia diagnosed in the newborn.

Treatment hydrocele in infants

hydrops in newborn babies at first does not need any special treatment.In many cases vaginal process finally grows, and the liquid surrounding the egg child gradually resorbed.Therefore, during the first year of baby's life parents should not panic about dropsy at their young son.Nevertheless, we recommend constant monitoring of the scrotum and, in the case of changes, seeking medical advice.

If the baby is already more than a year, and edema have not resolved, then it is time to take concrete action, since the fluid surrounding the egg, not allow him to develop normally.Being present in the shell eggs, excess fluid creates content oppressive scrotal ring that compresses the egg, preventing it from growing and causing it to hypertrophy.

Violation of testicular thermoregulation and stopping its growth will cause infertility in the future of whose parents did not take timely action to cure the child from a hydrocele.To avoid this, it is necessary to resort to surgery.Operation provides obturation at hydrocele processus vaginalis and providing drainage of accumulated fluid in the scrotum.This operation is performed under general anesthesia and is relatively simple.

80% of babies with isolated edema condition of the testicles and scrotum to normal within 6-12 months.When communicating hydrocele self-healing in most cases is even faster - for the first few months after birth.If after 1.2-2 years of dropsy is not resolved by yourself, you will need surgery to prevent testicular hypoplasia and subsequent male sterility.