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Torticollis in newborns

Torticollis in newborns

Krivosheya newborns - rather common in babies born at.It is a physical defect caused by a lack of development, or deformation of sternocleidomastoid muscle.This muscle is shortened, causing an unnatural position of the child's head: it is inclined to the affected side, the face turned in the opposite direction and turned down a little bit ago.

in the back of the imbalance is also observed in the healthy side, while on the healthy side of the blade is higher.Facial features child with torticollis can be asymmetrical.If the child does not get rid of torticollis, it will be the cause of kyphosis of the spine, early osteoarthritis, as well as violations of children's psychomotor.

What is torticollis in infants?

Krivosheya babies infants can be true and false.

True torticollis newborn baby - a pathology that has an innate character.That it develops as a result of the above-described deformation of sternocleidomastoid muscle.Occasionally congenital torticollis is accompanied by neurological abnormalitie


Misleading torticollis develops in the child after birth.The occurrence of such deviations in the physical development of the baby is due to muscle hypertonus because of a general increase in tone.Much less false torticollis may develop in a child who is holding the wrong head.In this case, no ligaments or muscles of the child are not deformed.

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Thus, torticollis torticollis newborn infants is different from that in the first case it is a congenital defect, and the second is acquired after birth of child the wrong position head.If grudnichka after some time was found with torticollis strain ligaments and muscles, it means that a congenital abnormality has not been diagnosed in time.

Because of what occurs torticollis newborn?

This pathology is formed during fetal development, and the reasons for such a deformation following:

  • shortening the sternocleidomastoid muscle leads to its fibrotic degeneration when muscle tissue becomes inelastic;

  • fetal head is wrong, for example, when the uterus presses on the walls of the fruit of their own so that the point of attachment of sternocleidomastoid muscle for a long time in a state of convergence;

  • inflammation sternocleidomastoid muscle can take a chronic form, and it loses its elasticity, thus shortening the length of;

  • with severe birth sternocleidomastoid muscle may overstrain in the place of its transition to the tendon.In place of the strain formed scar and muscle further behind in development.

Thus, in most cases, neonatal torticollis is a congenital, caused by a defect sternocleidomastoid muscle that has lost elasticity.Krivosheya newborns can be detected not only in babies born naturally, but also in cases of caesarean section.

How to treat neonatal torticollis?

This pathology bad treated by conservative means and in rare cases requires surgery.Congenital torticollis is eliminated by using orthopedic treatment, during which the child wears a special collar adjustment.

From acquired torticollis child deliver even simpler: it is treated massage, laying right, compresses, swimming and electrophoresis.In addition to the procedures used pad, which is fixed on the neck of the baby to adjust the position of the child's head.

main method of treating neonatal torticollis - a massage.Assigns a massage orthopedic surgeon, and conduct medical sessions should only be an experienced professional.Parents, after consultation with the orthopedist may also regularly make their child a massage, but only a restorative nature.

special massage for the treatment of torticollis is performed in the form of 15-20 treatment sessions every day or every other day.Depending on the progress of recovery, massage course may be repeated every 1.5-2 months.In addition to massage, orthopedic patient spends with a child torticollis special gymnastics to strengthen the movement of lymph, strengthen and improve the tone in sternocleidomastoid muscle.

To cope with the defect, and accelerate the recovery of the child's parents at home are also involved with the child.All exercises and activities aimed at stimulating movements of the head of a baby in a sick way.The mattress of the child should be tough, pillow placed under the head of the child only if it is laid on its side, the patient side down on a pillow.

be coddled child with torticollis should only vertically, pressing it to his chest.The baby's head should be turned to the affected side, children's shoulders should be at shoulder height of an adult.

The sooner the child's parents having torticollis, take measures to cure, the sooner the child will recover.Ignoring this defect is unacceptable, because this pathology is in its running state will cause deformation of the situation of children's head and spine of the child.