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Cough in infants

Cough in infants

very hard to see when the baby is choking and suffering from cough.Adults can independently clean the airways and poor grudnichok deprived of such a possibility.The baby has not caught a cough, it is better not to wait until he gets sick, and take preventive measures.

Respiratory grudnichka

respiratory system between adult and child, there is a significant difference.While the child is small, its upper respiratory tract and nasal passages, even very narrow and underdeveloped.Only when the child reaches 4 years of age, it is the formation of the lower nasal passage.There are also differences in the mucous membranes of adult and kids.As long as the child is in infancy, his mucous still extremely tender.

Exposure of infants to infectious diseases

Because the respiratory muscles grudnichka still too weak, and the mucous membrane is very delicate and sensitive, all this, combined with poorly developed respiratory tract, causes for the development of the baby acute respiratory diseases, particularly t

hose thatassociated with microbial and respiratory infections.Once the delicate airways grudnichka exposed to an infectious attack, immediately find themselves under attack and baby nasopharynx and larynx, and trachea.

How is infection

path of infection from children's nose to the neck is very short.If the virus is strong, he is struck by a large inner surface of the respiratory system grudnichka.Inflammation quickly and easily move from the nasopharynx into the trachea - a breathing tube.Because of the inflammation provoked delicate mucous membrane, and children start coughing that grudnichki suffer heavily.At the beginning of the disease the baby's body temperature will rise slightly, the cough is dry, start a small cold.With the further development of the disease and cough, and wheezing baby will be more moist.

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What to do if the baby started coughing

woke up at night from the hacking cough your child infants, do not panic.Most likely, your baby nothing terrible has not happened yet.Just pomerte temperature and invite the doctor.The duty pediatrician will perform examination of the child, listen to it, to make sure that there is no danger of pneumonia.

This is a very important point, because this dangerous disease to diagnose and treat as early as possible.As a further precaution the local doctor prescribe tests to make sure that the child is not sick catarrhal bronchopneumonia, or whooping cough.As a result of examination the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What is the treatment of children's cough

list of medicines, prescription district physician on the results of examination of your child, is designed primarily to deal with phlegm in children's bronchi and trachea.This sticky mucus coats the delicate little grudnichka respiratory system and causes anguish baby.

  • drugs, mucolytics - phlegm.

  • expectorant drugs - facilitates expectoration mokrotnoy mass.Doctor prescribes their baby under the age of one year of age.

  • Preparations for cough - to help reduce the frequency of cough.

  • Combination drugs - are drugs that combine all of the above properties.Usually, they are made in the form of syrups palatable that kids drink it with pleasure.

Traditional medicine - another means of children's cough

Medicines, doctor appointments for your child - it's certainly a good and effective tool to fight infection.But in the case of children's cough and become a good help in the common people treat recipes.In addition to medical treatment, the child will bring relief broths useful herbs, natural vitamins, rubbing and inhalation.

when you cough very useful plentiful warm drink.Kids suit infusion of rose hips and berries compotes by cranberries and cranberry.They not only help to liquefaction and the conclusion of sputum, but also are good vitamin supplements to the diet of the sick child.If your baby is not allergic to honey, it is best to add it in a warm honey drink instead of sugar.Good effect on the internal organs of respiration has warm milk with honey dissolved in it, and pork fat.

Herbal otvary- excellent means of sputum.Effectively reduce the density of mucus herbal teas based primrose flowers, leaves mother and stepmother, liquorice and sweet fennel.While these traditional remedies are harmless enough, before applying them to treat their infants, be sure to consult with your doctor.

rubbing with essential oils.Essential oils have a strong antimicrobial effect, spreading rapidly through the air space and obezzarazhivaya it.Note that you can rub the child only if it has no heat.After you finish rubbing, wear warm clothes on the baby.When the child sweat, change his clothes.

Inhalation can quickly clean the airways, but it is very difficult to do ordinary inhalation tiny babies.So prepare medicinal hot broth, add to it 2-3 drops of essential oil, preferably pine.Pot of hot broth, set under the bed, in which the baby sleeps.During the children's sleeping cot are curative wrap couple that the baby will inhale during sleep.

If you treat a sick baby in full compliance with the appointment of a physician, the cough can be won within 10 days.Remember to consult with your doctor, and you're sure to defeat the disease.