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Bifidumbacterin for a newborn

Bifidumbacterin for a newborn

Often babies in the first days after their birth become ill due to disorders of the intestines, which can be associated with both the mother of the child malnutrition and intestinal infections in most baby.The most common case of bowel problems in newborn babies is a goiter.

Dysbacteriosis manifests as pain in the stomach and violations of children's chair.High risk of dysbiosis in children who are bottle-fed.However, in children, breast milk feeding may be impaired intestinal microflora, for example, if the mother is taking any medication, because of which in children's intestines begin to die beneficial bacteria.

To return to your child's health and peace should be taken urgently to restore the healthy microflora in children's intestines.To that end, physicians and prescribers' bifidumbakterin for babies "to young children with dysbiosis.This drug can help with the settlement of intestinal microflora and useful baby suppression not there pathogenic environment.

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What is bifidumbakterin for newborns?

Looks bifidumbakterin for newborns as the brownish or porous crystalline mass.This mass is a huge amount of live bifidobacteria placed in a vial.Before taking this medication vial is opened, pour it boiled water at room temperature.As a result, in the bottle turns muddy slurry with a unique taste and smell.

contained in Bifidumbacterin live bacteria are very active and in contact with children in the intestines begin to actively proliferate, while inhibiting the growth of pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria that are created in the gut dysbiosis sick child unhealthy environment.

pathogenic intestinal environment of the food that nourishes the baby, can not be fully absorbed by the body.After the suppression of harmful microflora metabolic processes in the body of the baby being established, immunity is gradually recovering, intestinal diseases recede.

In some cases, the newborn is assigned bifidumbakterin:
  • in most cases of intestinal disorders in newborns, when it is difficult to give an accurate diagnosis;

  • in complex treatment of pneumonia and other infectious diseases, and purulent in order to counteract the harmful effects of antibiotics on the gut of the child;

  • premature babies, which, for the prevention of infections treated with antibiotics;

  • newborns whose mothers had complications during pregnancy, such as toxicity and problems with diseases of internal organs;

  • children born as a result of long and difficult birth, especially in cases when it was marked by a long dry period;

  • children whose mothers are in the early stages of breastfeeding were treated for mastitis;

  • at the time of transfer of a newborn on donor milk feeding or artificial feeding.

What should be the dosage bifidumbacterin for newborns?

To prepare drug bifidumbacterin to receive the child, should be open vial.Prepare a clean, dry glass and fill it as teaspoons boiling water as required doses.The required number of doses indicated in the instructions on the label.From

glass poured into the water bottle to pre-drug dissolved therein.The resulting mixture should be poured from a bottle into a glass.One teaspoon bifidumbacterin solution - this is one dose for your child.Instead of water can be used as a solvent breast milk or infant formula if the baby is bottle-fed.

bifidumbakterin produced not only for neonates as the powder mass, but also in liquid form.In the latter case, an additional dilution of the drug is no longer required.After opening the container with a powder or a liquid formulation, it should be worn, because the medicine storage asking.

bifidumbacterin The number of doses depends on the age of the baby.Generally newborn prescribe the drug three times a day for 2 doses for half an hour before or one hour after feeding.The duration of treatment depends on the severity bifidumbacterin of the child and determined by the physician individually for each case.

usually improve a child's health is noted 5-7 days after you start taking bifidumbacterin.On average, the treatment of newborn babies bifidumbacterin lasts about three weeks or more.Taking the drug at least a week - is not recommended.A second course must be carried out one month after the previous one.

positive properties bifidumbacterin for newborns is the absence of contraindications to the use of this drug, as well as the absence of negative side effects.The only contraindication to the use of the drug - primary intolerance baby milk.

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