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Than to treat diarrhea in a child

Than to treat diarrhea in a child

Young children often develop frustration of a chair that is medicine was called diarrhea.

Diarrhea in any of its manifestations, is the result of violations of the ability of the intestine to absorb water.The reasons for the development of diarrhea in children, there are many.Unlike the adult digestive system, children's digestive tract has its own anatomical and physiological features, due to which the child's body predisposition to acute digestive disorders is very high.

causes of diarrhea in children

often diarrhea in children occurs as a consequence of a more serious disease, a viral or bacterial infection.Also, diarrhea can occur in a child as a manifestation of dysbiosis, formed through prolonged or uncontrolled use of antibiotics.

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main manifestation of diarrhea in children is diarrhea.However, this symptom is often accompanied by high fever, vomiting, pain in various parts of the abdomen.Young children are very hard

to tolerate such a state, since it is exacerbated by the rapid dehydration of the body, followed by convulsions and unconsciousness.

chair with diarrhea may not be a liquid, but almost watery with impurities.At the same time suffering from diarrhea defecation child often becomes irresistible and frequent character becomes painful.The presence of diarrhea in this case is not so much determined by the frequency of bowel movements, consistency as diarrhea.Although, of course, thinner than a chair, the more it becomes.

In the case when it comes to a child in the first year of life, normal stool at this age is a frequent, so the main focus should be on his consistency.And for children older than one year already important and stool frequency, and consistency.Especially dangerous such a chair in which the child is emptied of liquid and abundantly present in the stool in green, and the number of bowel movements more than 6-10 times during the day.

When a child's stool frequency more than 3 times a day, acute diarrhea can take a chronic form and last for three-week period.Even adults prolonged diarrhea exhausting, but for the child's body, it is even more dangerous. consequences of diarrhea for a child's body can be fatal , because the diarrhea threatens baby dehydration, leading to disruption of electrolyte balance in the child's body.

At the slightest sign of diarrhea show the child to the doctor.The sooner the child's check-up, the less chance of complications, and the sooner will put a barrier to further development of this dangerous disease for babies.

How to treat diarrhea in young children?

Diarrhea - this is not an independent disease, but a sign of a more serious illness.So you need as quickly as possible to diagnose and treat the underlying condition that caused diarrhea.If the diarrhea is caused by hypovitaminosis, the child is prescribed vitamin preparations.When gastric ahilii diarrhea treatment will take place after the gastric juice.If the cause of diarrhea is not an infection, it is enough to change the child's diet, minimizing the intake of animal foods and carbohydrates.Portions of meals should be minimal, but frequent.

Natural remedies used to treat diarrhea include herbal teas oak bark, chamomile flowers, herb St. John's wort, Potentilla fruits, blueberries or burnet and others. When dysbacteriosis recommend taking probiotics - bifidumbacterin and laktobakterina, Bifikol and colibacterin.Often diarrhea in children treated with drugs bismuth tanalbinom and calcium carbonate.

diagnosis of diarrhea in children is carried out on the basis of bacterial tests, after studying the results of which are conducted antibacterial therapy.In most cases, the composition, dosage and duration of treatment and the individual must be assigned physician after evaluation of their test results.Although the pharmacy today sold a lot of drugs for diarrhea in the case of infant diarrhea is better to rely on the expertise of a specialist, so as not to worsen the condition of the child.

If children dehydrated by diarrhea, parents should call the doctor at home and waiting for the arrival of medical help the baby drink a glucose-saline solution, for example, rehydron, oralitom and others. Such drugs are sold in pharmacies in powder form.Solutions based on these easy to make on the basis of boiling water, following the instructions on the package.

Treat for child glucose-saline solution should be giving your child 1 teaspoon per 1 reception.A large number of the solution is taken simultaneously, can cause vomiting and diarrhea in a sick child, it will only worsen the condition of the baby.The solution is usable within 24 hours of preparation.

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