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How to give a urine sample child

How to give a urine sample child

Anyone who has a family has a child under one year of age, sooner or later it has to resort to the collection of children's urine for subsequent delivery to the tests.Usually, this procedure is necessary to carry out the parents at least twice a year, when the child reaches 3 months of age and after the first year of life.

Urine sit well on the eve of vaccination against various diseases such as polio, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, etc.Affected children and children with suspected pathology development, urine tests are conducted further.

When the child already knows how to use the potty, to collect his urine sample is not too difficult, it is enough to tell him that you need to pee in a pot is not, as in a glass jar.But with the kids, who have not reached the age of 6 months, parents feel helpless.If the boys can still seize the moment and substitute a bottle under the stream, then the girls this trick does not pass.

collection of urine in neonates and infants

Over the years, medical pract

ice pediatricians worked some ways to collect urine in children.One such method is as follows: skid rubber circle must be wrapped in thin diaper, the lower part of the recess of the resulting set of the urine collection container, such as a plate.Next, put the baby in the circle and wait until the baby will be a natural desire to void.Urine will meet in the plate from which merge it into a glass jar for analysis.This procedure is suitable for girls.And the boys collect urine by placing the penis right in the jar for analysis.

disposable urine collecting device for children - a great way out the situation with the babies.Such devices now sold in pharmacies and perfectly solve the problem with the collection of urine from the baby.The urine collecting device looks like a small transparent plastic bag with a hole in the center and Velcro on the sides.

This device is universal, ie,suitable for girls and boys.For the urine collecting device instruction manual, in accordance with which you can easily attach it to the body of the baby.Before fastening the urine collecting device be sure to undercut the child and wipe it dry skin, otherwise no Velcro to attach to it.After filling in the urine collecting device, carefully loosen it from the child and close the hole.It is better to buy in the drugstore, several urine collecting device to always have in reserve a convenient device.

optimal time urine collection

urine sample should be collected in the morning, when it has a high concentration accumulated during the night as a result of kidney child.That morning urine will give the most reliable information about the health of the baby.Under no circumstances should a child not poite excess fluid to increase the volume of urine coming out, because it will reduce the density and skew the results of urine tests.If the child is taking medication or vitamin supplements, inform your doctor and verify, in this case to act.

Sanitary preparations for collecting urine

Before the start of urine collection sure to clean the external genitalia of the child.Moisten a cotton swab with warm water and carefully wipe them labia of the girl.The boy should be undercut, with a little slide skin from the head of his penis.

If the first attempt to collect the urine could not

happens that a child, if you hold it over the pot, had to urinate in a pot full, and in a glass jar for analysis so nothing horrible.No matter how quickly you want to include in the analysis of urine, remember that urine from the pot totally unsuitable.The analysis results of the urine will be unreliable.Therefore it is better patient repeat urine collection the next morning.

how urgently should take the urine to the laboratory

The faster you will take a container of urine to the lab, the better.Overexpose it, you may get inaccurate results.If you do not have time to pass a urine sample immediately after harvest, to put it in the refrigerator or in the freezer can not.The cold salts in urine will drop into the sediment, and the laboratory results will be erroneous.

How should look like the urine of a healthy baby

Normal urine color - light yellow.The liquid should be transparent, without impurities and flakes.If the urine your child is turbid, has a brown or a shade, and the bottom of the tank precipitate, it is cause for concern.These changes indicate the flow of inflammatory processes in the body of the baby.

Normally, a child must be absent in the urine of white blood cells, red blood cells, protein and sugar.The higher the turbidity of the urine, the more it contains undesirable components - salt, bacteria, mucus.However, do not try to make their own conclusions about the health of your baby.Entrust is a doctor who, according to the results of laboratory tests detect a clear picture of the health of your child.