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White tongue in infants

White tongue in infants

If you notice that your baby's tongue white, this symptom may indicate he has a very common disease among infants - thrush.

What is thrush and what it dangerous

thrush popularly called kandidomikozny stomatitis - a disease that is diagnosed in the vast majority of babies infants.Up to 6 months of age that a child has thrush is normal.If your child has already crossed semi abroad, and you notice his symptoms of thrush, it should alert you.

With proper treatment of yeast passes quickly, but if it stubbornly refuses to leave the body baby, it may indicate a more serious illness.The danger for the organism is yeast, especially in that it spreads very rapidly, and entails the emergence of other infectious diseases.

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Signs of thrush

The fact that your child is sick thrush indicates a number of the following symptoms:

  • white tongue (when the mucous surface of the tongue is covered with white spots);

  • inflamed gums, the palate and the inside of

    the cheeks, the kid;

  • you find a child a raid similar to cottage cheese;

  • after you remove the plaque, is red;

  • child does not want to breastfeed, as the process of sucking for it becomes very painful.

Causes thrush

Little kids get sick thrush for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • the moment of birth, when the baby during childbirth passes through the thrush infected mother's birth canal;

  • weak immune system (which is especially common in premature babies);

  • influence long-term treatment with antibiotics, which kill in the child's body is not only the pathogenic environment, but also useful flora;

  • frequent regurgitation, resulting in the child's mouth remains constant acidic environment, and in fact it perfectly reproduces the fungus;

  • tooth eruption of the baby;

  • through contaminated objects, iefailure to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene.

Traditional methods of treatment of thrush in children

thrush - a fungal infection, and therefore to combat it should be used antifungal creams and ointments.Naturally, the choice of drug to treat a disease should make the doctor after examination of your child.He will assign your baby medicine, and the usual duration of treatment of thrush is 10 days.

most commonly prescribed drugs such as Candida solution and nystatin drops.The inner surface of the mouth of children need to be processed by using a cotton swab.It is important for the entire course of treatment punctually follow the doctor's instructions carefully and follow the schedule of administration of the therapeutic drug.

Another very common way to deal with thrush - is to use a solution of baking soda.A glass of water should be boiled, cool to room temperature and add one teaspoon of liquid baking soda.This solution should soak a cotton swab and carefully handle them all at the mouth of the child.

This procedure should be repeated on a regular basis, every two hours.Grudnichok can stubbornly refused to open her mouth.In such cases, press down on the baby's chin with his thumb.In between treating the children's mouth soda solution can be given to infants suck a pacifier, which had previously been dipped in a solution of soda.

folk prescription treatment of thrush in infants

addition to traditional health recipes and tips you can use traditional medicine.For example, for the treatment of thrush in your baby mix in a teaspoon of honey and water in equal proportions and heat the mixture in a water bath.Wrap the bandage finger and dip it into the mixture.Then treat this mixture grudnichka your mouth.Keep in mind that honey is a powerful allergen, so that this procedure can be used only in the belief that your child is not allergic to honey.

Prevention of yeast infection in the baby

to the baby has not developed thrush, parents should always be on the alert.Moreover, the prevention of this disease in children infants is quite simple.Just do not forget after each feeding grudnichka give your baby tea boat boiled water.Water will remove food residue from the inside of the mouth of children.

Due to the water will be neutralized acidic environment in the mouth of the child, and therefore there will not be a favorable environment for the development of the fungal infection.During the period of breast-feeding the baby train yourself to wash the nipples with a solution of baking soda.If your child is on artificial feeding, do not forget to sterilize milk bottles and pacifiers.