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How to treat giardia children

How to treat giardia children

Many childhood suffered such common disease like giardiasis, which is the most common cause of the majority of intestinal diseases.

Giardiasis is caused by protozoa - Giardia lamblia

- is strictly species of infectious agents.This means that in humans live giardia, which can only be transmitted from person to person.Each species has its own species of Giardia.A person becomes infected with Giardia from members of their own species, ieof people.

human Giardia Infection occur

s through a liquid medium, the oral-fecal means. Giardia out with feces in the form of cysts thatas if in a "caretaker" state.Cysts can live outside the host for about 3 weeks.However, in an aqueous medium lamblia lifespan increased to two months.Giardia have a very hard shell, and the external environment and its unfavorable conditions for them to great danger.Even chlorine, acid and alkali not afraid of giardia.The only thing that does not carry giardia, - high temperature, or more precisely, boiling.

Giardia Infection occurs through dirty hands, food, soiled household items, children - through toys.After Giardia cysts fall into the human body through the mouth, their habitats become the small intestine, where they become active trofozoidami.From the mucous membrane they are aspirated nutrients and thus live from 3 to 40 days, and then leaving the feces in the form of cysts.Thus, the process of self-infection of man is continuous.And good hygiene becomes a major factor in this case the fight against giardiasis.

Symptoms of giardiasis in children

Do lamblia cysts in a child can be understood by the following signs: vomiting, abdominal pain, ongoing diarrhea, rapid and permanent weight loss, sluggish and fatigued, pale skin, fever, twitching of the facemuscles and shoulder flashes.

If the newborn child is infected with Giardia, he has changed stools, stomach swells, there are problems with flatus.After defecating anus and buttocks baby blush, it has a sour smell feces, and contain mucus greenish and whitish lumps.The child is restless, nervous day and night and pulls the legs.The presence of giardiasis in a child may also indicate dermatitis.Newborns are usually infected with giardiasis from their mothers through breast milk or poorly washed hands.

body signals the older kids Giardia infection symptoms such as poor appetite, persistent vomiting, fever, dehydration, weight loss.Infected through dirty children fruits and vegetables, transfer to each other contaminated objects, such as toys.Dirty hands kids - one of the most common factors of infection giardiasis.

Preschool children with the disease giardiasis complain of abdominal pain, suffering from nausea, experienced constant discomfort, which is why always aggressive, irritable and moody.Fatigue in these children is very high, they are not able to concentrate, feeling frustrated, resentful and whining.In the morning they have a stuffy nose.The skin of these children pale, under-eye dark circles do not go, the tongue is covered with bloom and gives off an unpleasant smell.

If you notice symptoms of giardiasis at your child, be sure to consult a doctor who will prescribe the analyzes based on them will determine the severity of the disease and prescribe treatment.Self-medication in most cases does not lead to complete recovery from the disease, and can worsen the condition of your child.

How to treat giardia among children?

Methods for treating Giardia in children vary, but generally are combined into 3 main categories - pharmacological, homeopathic and phytotherapeutic.Usually, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment Ornidazole, metrodinazolom or substitutes, such as furazolidone.Since all of these drugs have, in addition treatment, and side effects are still not recommended their independent application.Folk meditsinehorosho proven raw pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pulp, figs, garlic, anise, licorice root, fennel, clover and mint leaves.

giardiasis Treatment involves not only medication, but also adherence to a diet in which there should be no whole milk and glyutenosoderzhaschim products.Thus, you can not take in food spreads, cereals, pasta and flour products.Rice, buckwheat and corn allowed.

in sweet medium reproduction lamblia is activated.From the child's diet, giardiasis patient should be deleted all types of sweets as well as products flavored and preservatives.It is recommended to drink the acidified liquid, such as low-fat yogurt, fruit drinks, jelly, cranberry juice and cranberries.

Giardiasis is often called a disease of dirty hands.Follow the basic rules of hygiene and from an early age accustom them of their child.Your child needs to know that the hands should be washed regularly, fruits and vegetables, you should not eat unwashed, and ideally - parboil before eating.If your baby is neat and clean, the danger of infection giardia for him would be minimal.