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Phimosis in children - how to treat

Phimosis in children - how to treat

Diagnosis "phimosis" doctors put the boys who have observed such a deviation in the structure of the penis when the total exposure of the glans impossible.Foreskin phimosis when narrowed so that the release of her head of the penis is not obtained.

Since the birth of the child and until they reach the age of 4 disclosure on the penis head gradually.By the age of one year head fully revealed only half of male babies.For two years the foreskin has shifted 80% of children, and to 4 years - 90% of boys.

phimosis in children manifests itself by the following features:

  • difficulty urinating (intermittent trickle of urine);

  • foreskin is inflamed and itchy;

  • foreskin hanging over the head of the penis or prejudice;

  • head of the penis turned blue and hurt.

If the foreskin does not move with the glans of the child, it is a condition diagnosed as phimosis.Stuck together with the head of the penis foreskin becomes a place of accumulation of harmful bacteria and causes difficulty urinating, and the d

evelopment of inflammation.

There are two types of phimosis

  • physiological phimosis, which most boys born;

  • pathological phimosis, iedefects of the penis, which requires surgery.

Physiological phimosis - the most common.At the moment of birth, the foreskin is usually narrowed in children, which is why there is no exposure of the glans penis.Delicate and thin skin of the foreskin smegma highlights - specific white grease, which normally must be removed.

However, it happens that parents notice lumps smegma between the head and the foreskin.

when trying to remove smegmality under the foreskin may develop inflammation that causes pain when urinating.At the first sign painful urination parents should show the baby doctor.The skilled artisan will find out whether it is possible to confine washing or still assign operation incision of the foreskin.

How long to wait a natural release of the head of the foreskin?

On this issue, there is no consensus of physicians.Some experts advise to wait till 5-6 years, others - up to 8 years, one-third believe that surgery can wait until puberty, that is,until a boy of 13-14 years.

mobility foreskin usually occurs in the vast majority of boys by 6-7 years.And if that did not happen, the worry is only in cases where a child has difficulty urinating and other troubles such as enuresis, cystitis and various inflammations.If desired, incising the foreskin can be done without any problem at any time, the operation is fast and does not bring health problems and any complications.

If your child phimosis, then, to avoid inflammation regularly under running water a child's penis, avoiding water under the foreskin.Do not try to put off the foreskin from the glans penis yourself.In this area a high concentration of nerve endings, and you can cause the child pain.Forced nudity foreskin may also lead to jamming of the head of the penis.

After cleaning the child's bowel movements should be made compulsory.To wash the baby should be in the direction of the penis to the anus that stool were not included in the foreskin and head.The main condition for the healthy development of the penis during phimosis - compliance careful hygiene.Optionally, use soap every time podmyvanii sincefrequent use dry mucous membranes.Instead of soap can be used for children gel bathing.

Do not leave your child in the same diaper over 6 hours.Between diaper changes, leave the kid to lie with a bare ass, let the skin as follows obsohnet and ventilate.If you will regularly organize baby air baths, this will be the best prevention of all kinds of inflammations, infections and skin problems in his intimate zone.In hot weather it is better not to use diapers at all.Children's underwear should be natural, and in any case does not close.

best prevention of phimosis - regular bathing and cleaning the child.

during water treatment, and try not to move not to injure the foreskin on the penis of the child.Movement at podmyvanii must be performed in the direction "from front to back."In this case, the water will wash well foreskin and wash away accumulated there a secret.

If you have a baby boy, even mandatory event for you to become a regular visit to a urologist.Even if you show the kid a specialist at least once a year, it will help you avoid many problems with the health of your baby son.