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Mosquito bites in children: treatment

Mosquito bites in children: treatment

Summer brings with it not only the joy of the possibility of a walk in the fresh air, enjoying the sun and gentle breeze.With the onset of summer, mosquitoes are more active, which can spoil their bites even the most pleasant walk.

Especially a lot of mosquitoes fly to where a lot of greenery, and in the evening, and after the rain passed.It is necessary to digress a bit and on the delicate skin of your baby with whom you went for a walk, there are purple dots.Mosquito bites also cause severe itching, which is why the child begins to act up.

How to ease the condition of the baby, who was bitten by mosquitoes

Fortunately, people invented a lot of money from the mosquito bites and, more precisely, by their consequences.Try one of the following methods, and soon your child will stop whining and scratch herself.It is particularly important that some funds to help protect the child from allergies to mosquito bites.

Baking soda - the easiest and proven way and on top of that, the safest for the baby.It

is necessary to dial a glass of water and dissolve in it one teaspoon of baking soda.Soak a piece of cotton or gauze in this solution and brush the child places on the skin where there are traces of mosquito bites.Where the skin is the most swollen and inflamed, you can not just grease it, but to make a lotion of soda solution.Baking soda - this is, in addition, is also an excellent antiseptic.As a result of this simple procedure, you, first, take off an unpleasant itching, and, secondly, to accelerate the healing of bites.

Medicinal plants (aloe, chamomile, calendula) can also help in removing the pain of the child after the mosquito bites.If you bought in a drugstore calendula tincture, then before you lubricate the affected area on the skin of the baby, dilute tincture of water.You can also use calendula ointment.If you have at hand was a flower aloe, you can break off a piece of paper and attach to the site of the bite.

Dry daisy perfect for adding in a bath while bathing baby.If you have found mosquito bites on the skin of your child at a time while walking in the park, then look around for a suitable plant.You can help dandelion leaves, mint, a plantain.The fresh leaf of a plant to grind, vigorously rubbed his hands, and a lot of green to attach to the affected places.

few more funds from mosquito bites

If the hand was not appropriate medications, it will bring relief to pieces of ice that must be applied to the site of the bite.Also it will cool compress and just any cold object such as a coin or spoon.

Try to keep your home medicine cabinet always been drugs such as ammonia, boric acid ointment "asterisk" hydrogen peroxide.These drugs are available in every pharmacy, are inexpensive and will be useful to you, not only in the case of mosquito bites, but also in many other situations.These drugs can reduce pain and prevent allergic reactions to mosquito bites.

If your baby is allergic to mosquito bites

mosquito bites for most of us - something quite harmless: scratching jumped a pimple on the skin, we soon forget about its existence.Even the majority of children mosquito bite does not bring tangible harm, except, perhaps, short-term skin irritation.It is quite another thing, if we are talking about a small child, the body which responds to an allergic reaction to an insect bite.

If you have tried all of the above means, and your child is unwell, temperature and experiencing general weakness, hasten to seek help from a doctor.The doctor you appoint protivogistaminnye drugs and, if necessary, further treatment will take care of the baby.

What precautions can help in the fight against mosquito bites?

very well when the parents already know what means and methods can cure the effects of mosquito bites a child.And doubly good if all the necessary preparations are always ready in the home medicine cabinet.However, much easier to protect your baby from possible insect bites, take preventive precautions.

protect the window of his apartment with mosquito nets.In the room where the child can use a variety of instruments, which today produces modern industry.These devices are harmless to the baby's health, but fully protect the premises from the invasion of mosquitoes.

baby's skin can be lubricated drugs, mosquito repellent.Especially effective for such purposes, essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, orange, lavender.It is enough to cause a tiny little bit of the oil on the baby's skin and rub thoroughly.Just do not overdo it with butter, use it in very small quantities, as all essential oils are highly concentrated preparations.

Take all necessary precautions against mosquitoes, and you do not have to worry about the health of your baby!