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Heartburn in Children

Heartburn in Children

Heartburn is a throw acid into the esophagus from the stomach.This phenomenon causes a feeling of discomfort and burning.The most common heartburn affects people who have increased gastric acidity.

Children heartburn relatively rare phenomenon.For example, the stomach of a young child may react to heartburn undiluted orange or pomegranate juice.Excess acid in this case triggers an heartburn.

most common causes of acid reflux in children

The child heartburn can occur for the following reasons:

  • insufficient to neutralize the acidic environment in the esophagus and the stomach mucosa to the instability of the acid;

  • dysfunction of the lower esophageal sphincter;

  • rapid growth of the child's body;

  • weak connective tissue;

  • problems in the autonomic nervous system.

Heartburn often children suffer from overweight, close to obesity.In addition, children can provoke heartburn diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, hiatal hernia, flatulence.

With increased dry mouth heartburn may appe

ar as saliva involved in the neutralization of acids in the diet, and a lack of saliva means that the excess acid enters the esophagus and heartburn triggers.

overvoltage - physical or mental - the child may also suffer from heartburn.

Some foods can cause heartburn in the child, such as citrus fruits, chocolate, tomatoes, fatty foods and dishes.For drugs that can trigger heartburn should include hypnotics and sedatives.

The heartburn is dangerous for the child?

heartburn, or rather, an excess of stomach acid, the baby can happen inflammation of the esophagus.The child becomes difficult to swallow food, and feed it becomes a serious problem.Identify the condition of the baby is only possible by a medical examination.

As a rule, children's heartburn is short-lived.If it occurs frequently and lasts a long time, the child should see a doctor.

How is heartburn in children?

First of all, a child suffering from heartburn should be adjusted diet.It is recommended that frequent meals and small portions.Before going to sleep there is undesirable.During sleep, the upper body of the child should be above the bottom.

to attacks of heartburn are not renewed, the child should have to teach slowly, do not swallow large pieces and carefully and slowly chew food.With a 10-fold risk of heartburn chewing significantly reduced.

When heartburn child from the child's diet should exclude white breads, pickles, food with preservatives, sausage, fried potatoes, all kinds of sour fruits and berries, cocoa and chocolate.Among the products that can cause heartburn include the child as: oranges and lemons, onions, burgers and grilled meat, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, tea and coffee, acidic juices.

suffered bouts of heartburn child is recommended to eat oatmeal and rice porridge, cooked lean meat, low-fat sour cream, cabbage and potatoes, bananas and apples.Any kind of fried foods should be deleted.

Children's diet should be adjusted taking into account the recommendations of the doctor, who will make a list of banned products and recommended to the state in which the child is suffering from heartburn.

parents can not always ensure that the child is not eating forbidden foods.If this happens and the child appeared again heartburn, as urgent assistance, you can give your baby to drink a little warm mineral water without gas or hot milk.Gastric juice ceases to stand out, and its acidity is lower.

addition to optimizing the child's diet should be to conduct a survey to identify the child's disease, provoking heartburn, and then proceed to its treatment.Normally, a healthy child mucous membrane should be resistant to acid irritation.

To counter heartburn drugs can be used, which will recommend a list of the attending physician.

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Medications prescribed for heartburn child

Antacids reduce the level of acidity of gastric juice by neutralizing the acid.When antacids wound itself is not a health problem, but only its symptoms.

prokinetic help normalize the movement of food in the digestive tracks.They have side effects on the child's body.

System drugs reduce gastric acidity.Assign children after 14 years of ulcers and erosions of the esophagus.

Iberogast - German drug manufactured based on extracts of plants 9.It features an integrated impact and therefore is effective in various forms of acid reflux in children.

All of these drugs may be given to children only after consultation with your doctor.Separate application of these medicines is unacceptable and dangerous to children's health.