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Allergic cough in a child

Allergic cough in a child

Little kids cough, not only during colds.Very often the cause of cough in children getting allergies, which, if left untreated, serious complications dangerous, such as chronic bronchitis or asthma.

particularly susceptible to allergic cough is often the children who suffer from a diathesis.These children allergic cough can be easily triggered by even the most minimal amount of allergen.

What distinguishes allergic cough from a cold?

If your child has whooping cough or bronchitis, he coughs with phlegm.In the body of the baby occur inflammatory processes, which are accompanied by headaches, chills and fever.

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When allergy symptoms above does not happen.Prior to cough and after the child usually feels well.Allergic cough in a child starts with a feeling of lack of air.The mucosa of the larynx and bronchi swells in the child, which is why he starts to feel a little gasp.

Allergic cough sputum is not accompanied.At normal body temperature in a child begins runny n

ose.Thus the child's body reacts to certain allergens.Sam coughing allergy - barking, painful, suffocating.Removed attack taking antihistamine medications such as suprastin.

What can cause allergic cough in children?

  • household chemicals, perfumes, cosmetics.

If your child is sensitive to allergens in this category, his clothes and linen should be washed baby powder.It is impossible that the baby was next to you at the time of harvesting.Do not use cosmetics and perfume, if you spend time with the baby.

  • plants during their flowering.

spring and summer, when it's time of mass flowering plants, the child should be given an antihistamine medicine prescribed by a doctor.Avoid places where a lot of flowering plants.After the rain to walk with the baby is not recommended.

  • dust.

excess dust in the room will worsen the condition of your baby.Daily clean the apartment of dust.Dust accumulates quickly on soft toys, rough wallpaper, on the set of small items interior.To the child did not suffer from frequent attacks of allergic cough in his room should be as small as possible items, wallpaper should be a smooth surface.

  • pets.

Unfortunately, the presence of pets in the apartment may cause allergic reactions to them at the kid.The only way out, to give these animals in good hands.

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  • medicines.

kid prescribed drugs can not be replaced by other medications without first consulting your doctor.

  • cigarette smoke.

When parents smoke, it is very likely allergic to tobacco smoke at their child.If this habit to get rid of the adults can not, they should smoke in the absence of the child as often as possible ventilate the room.

treatment of allergic cough

Before treatment of allergic cough in a child, you need to find out what makes him the cough, iemake a list of allergens.This diagnostic performs allergist, to be addressed at the first suspicion of allergic origin cough in your baby.

Once will identify all potential allergens, they should be removed from the child's environment.Some allergens such as house dust, cotton, wool completely remove fail.However, parents need to make every effort to contact the child's allergens was minimal.

treatment of allergic cough is performed using antihistamine medications.The most common drug that doctors prescribed to children suffering from allergies is suprastin.Admission suprastin a tablet relieves allergic coughing attack after 20 minutes.When injected suprastin relief will come soon - in 5-10 minutes.Admission suprastin prevent attacks of allergic cough about 12 hours.

addition to receiving antihistamines, allergy sufferers need to raise the baby immunity.The complex is required therapeutic procedures will advise the doctor who carries out monitoring of the child-allergy.It is undesirable to treat the child with the help of traditional medicine, asit could worsen his condition.

prevention of allergic cough in children

If a baby is sick diathesis, it is necessary to remove from the diet of any fruit and white porridge and urgently consult a nutritionist and allergist.Any delay, and the flippant attitude of parents to manifestations of allergies in their child are fraught with serious complications in the child in the future.

Even at the stage of pregnancy, the expectant mother must think about the risk of developing allergies in her baby.A woman must carefully monitor their diet.If she suffers from allergies to anything, be sure to remove allergens from its environment.The absence of allergenic background in pregnant women will reduce the likelihood of disease allergic cough of her unborn child.

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