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Jaundice in newborns

Jaundice in newborns

Almost half of newborn children there is such a thing as jaundice.

zheltushki Symptoms in newborns

After a day or a few days after the child's birth, his skin becomes yellow.If you look to the mucous membranes of eyes baby, and you can see the yellow of their color.The biochemical composition of the blood changes when jaundice, which can be determined by making a blood test.When zheltushka child falls into a drowsy state.

Usually after 7-10 days of baby's skin color returned to normal, and the child feels good at this time.Prolonged symptoms persist zheltushki and baby, as well as the appearance of its signs already after the mother and child were discharged from the hospital, a disease is considered a disease and requires immediate medical care.

jaundice in infants is physiological and pathological

physiological jaundice in the newborn baby is a temporary condition in which the amount of bilirubin in the blood increased.Such a condition occurs in infants due to the fact that immediately after

the birth of the disintegration of erythrocytes (red blood cells) in the blood of the child increases.Because of this reaction of the body increases the amount of decomposition product of red blood cells - bilirubin (jaundice pigment).

As the child is very small, the excretion of bilirubin from the child's body is pretty slow.And while in the child's body has jaundice excess pigment, the color of baby's skin and pupils becomes yellow.Develops physiological jaundice in neonates 2-3 third day after the birth of the child.It takes 2-3 weeks.During physiological zheltushki baby feels good, so specifically to treat it from such zheltushki not necessary.

Pathological jaundice in newborns is very similar to its physiological manifestations.However, in the second case it zheltushka kept in the child's body much longer and is a serious disease.The disease most often occurs when incompatible blood group or Rh factor of mother and child.For example, the mother may be the first or the third group of blood and the baby - the second.With each subsequent child increases the likelihood of disease pathological newborn jaundice.

Pathological jaundice, a child may appear as a result of the impact of these negative factors:

  • diabetes in the mother of the child;

  • injury during childbirth;

  • multiple pregnancy;

  • reception mother during pregnancy, certain drugs;

  • infection of the fetus throughout pregnancy, such as rubella, hepatitis B.

Sometimes, but rarely, jaundice the baby may be caused by the mother's milk.This form of jaundice in newborns is diagnosed quite late - in the second week of life.

in pathological jaundice skin baby gets a yellow tint, the baby is gaining weight poorly, behaving sluggishly.

zheltushka is dangerous to the health of the child that because of her child's body may develop bilirubin encephalopathy, where the brain bilirubin has a harmful toxic effects.

How zheltushki undergoing treatment in newborns?

Usually, if the postpartum period the baby in the hospital revealed jaundice, the mother and the baby is not discharged until the baby's condition is not normal.If the analysis reveals too high bilirubin levels, the baby transferred to a specialist unit recovery.

It is important that the baby, who was diagnosed with jaundice, eat right.In such cases, it is recommended to feed the baby breast milk.If the diagnosis is not allows you to keep breastfeeding, the baby needs to be translated to infant formula, and the mother in this period it is recommended to pump their milk so that it can later resume breastfeeding.

With regard to medical treatment zheltushki in newborns, it usually does not apply to domestic medical practice or abroad.The most effective way to treat childhood zheltushki - a sick child stay in the sun.In maternity wards, instead of natural sunlight, the child may be placed under the blue and white lamps, specifically designed for the treatment of icteric children.This method of treatment is called phototherapy.In severe cases of jaundice kiddies to prescribe a blood transfusion.

best treatment for children suffering from jaundice, - maternal breast milk.The more often the mother to feed the baby jaundice patient, the better, because, thanks to feeding the baby as it is washed.Another effect of breast milk in the first days of infant feeding is a laxative effects, because of which the bilirubin quickly leaves the body of the child.That is why it is so important is to make the newborn to the breast as soon as possible after birth.

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