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Tuberculosis in children: Symptoms and Treatment

Tuberculosis in children: Symptoms and Treatment

Recently, more children are exposed to such a serious disease of an infectious nature, such as tuberculosis, caused by a tubercle bacillus.The growth trend of tuberculosis each year is increasing, due to factors such as over-population, low living standards, AIDS, lack of medical care and others. This disease is very serious, and if it is not diagnosed in time, the result canIt is very, very sad.That is why it is very important to diagnose TB in time, in time to begin treatment of the disease.

Symptoms of TB infection

As one of the most common symptoms of TB marked fatigue baby.If you keep a frisky and playful child suddenly became frequently to avoid favorite activities, trying all the time to lie down, the symptoms should be a signal that the child should see a specialist.Even if the child has tuberculosis, in any case there is some other violation, since children rarely feel the lack of energy, unless there is a compelling reason.

Irritability is another beacon that can talk about suspected tub

erculosis.If a child before being quiet and good kid, suddenly became annoyed for no apparent reason, and any, even the smallest detail can make him angry, or even anger, this symptom should also not be left without attention of parents.

In addition, parents should always keep an eye on how their child is eating.Even if he does not differ at birth increased appetite, but suddenly began to give up their favorite treats, and stubbornly refuses to eat when trying to feed him, any mom this fact should be alerted.

Sweating for children who are not yet in the age of puberty, is also a symptom of a very uncharacteristic.It is necessary to pay attention to the sweating palms of the child's back or at rest.Another distinguishing feature of a child who may have contracted tuberculosis - is constantly enlarged lymph nodes, which can easily sound out - they are completely painless, but the touch is soft and friable.

have infected children with tuberculosis can also be marked fever, which kept within 37.5 degrees for a long time, or increases in the evening.

When a baby is not gaining weight, and at the same time he observed shortness of breath and coughing, symptoms may also be signs of tuberculosis.

What to do?

At the slightest suspicion that a child is sick with tuberculosis, should immediately consult your doctor, who will conduct the necessary examinations and prescribe the Mantoux test, when a child is introduced neutralized causative agent of tuberculosis, to determine the presence in the child's body causative agent of tuberculosis.The result of this test can be assessed after 2-3 days.In that case, when the site of infection remains almost no traces or redness has dimensions which do not exceed 1 mm - the result of the sample can be considered negative.If the size of redness exceed 2-4 mm, such a reaction is considered doubtful.Redness that is larger than 5 mm is considered a positive response.In addition, as an additional diagnosis of a doctor can be assigned to chest X-ray as well as any specialist radiologist can immediately notice if the pattern has changed the structure of light.

In that case, if the disease is confirmed in a child, it is necessary to begin treatment immediately, as it does not require any deposits.

should be noted that you can get TB, contact with someone who has an open form of the disease, communicating with them, or using common bed or utensils.So be sure to watch out for those who have to communicate with your child.

For more rarely, but which occur is infection through eggs, meat, unboiled milk.That is why it is strongly recommended to expose all the food the most careful heat treatment.

as better prevention of such diseases as tuberculosis, using the BCG vaccination and revaccination, refuse to conduct that should not be, because it is at least silly, and at best, can be very costly for the health of the baby.

In the case of confirmation of the disease, discouraged in any case should not be.Tuberculosis, the way is very difficult, but it is treated.If strictly comply with all recommendations of the physician, the treatment will last for about 6-8 months in advanced form - up to a year or more.Interrupt treatment in any case should not be, because after a while tuberculosis give themselves felt again, however, cure it will be impossible.

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