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Child bitten by a tick - what to do?

Child bitten by a tick - what to do?

There was a summer's time, and every mom rushing to go with your child for a walk in the woods or park.Around blossomed herbs all summer fragrant scents and calls for fresh air.However, such wonderful walks can bring unexpected surprises in the form of mites that can hide in the green bushes.If the city parks periodically undergo treatment from these uninvited guests in the forest and on the river to meet them simple.

tick bite, though unpleasant, but bears no great harm.The greatest risk occurs when a tick bears any infection, the most dangerous of which are considered tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease.These diseases are extremely dangerous, and catch them fairly easily.According to statistics, each year these diseases ill several thousand children, most of whom can not transfer the disease in a mild form.

symptoms of dangerous diseases after tick bite

first symptoms of a serious may occur only after 1-2 weeks after the bite.As a rule, there is a strong increase in temperature, the child

will quickly get tired and weakened.These symptoms are similar to symptoms of the common cold, so much anxiety, no one cause.

However, more than a quarter of affected children meningeal disease takes shape in the form of inflammation of the meninges.In this case, the symptoms and causes for concern, since they do not resemble those diseases that adults are used to control the home.More than one tenth of children suffer severe disease that can lead to epilepsy, amnesia and loss of motor activity.Even if the child is lucky, and no serious consequences are not apparent, a full recovery is still excluded.

initial symptoms of Lyme disease symptoms resemble encephalitis, but it appears the characteristic redness around the bite that allows you to accurately diagnose the disease.Due to the presence of such symptoms the doctor has all the chances to assign the correct treatment of the patient.This is crucial, because the scheme of medical treatment of encephalitis and Lyme disease are completely different.

For this reason, it is important to advance so to protect your child from a tick bite.It would be good for 3-4 weeks before the trip to nature to do the kid a special vaccination that will help child's body develop immunity to the disease.

How to save the child from a tick?

If the trouble occurred, and the child was bitten by a tick, it is necessary to apply to the medical institution.If this is not possible, try to get yourself a parasite.Do not use sunflower oil, which is often advised to smear on the bite to tick suffocated.The tool is inefficient, because even if the mites were dead, you still have to remove it from the skin as mites themselves, unfortunately does not disappear.

What should the life of your actions?

  • Grasp the insect as close to the skin as possible, and then slowly and carefully pull it using a circular motion.
  • Make sure that the tick is removed completely.The resulting wound is required to smear green paint.
  • insect should be maintained and if possible to transfer a pediatrician, who will watch the baby for several weeks.

local doctor can poison pulled out a tick in the analysis to exclude him any infection.Dear parents, you should be aware that timely trip to the pediatrician would save health and life of your child!

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