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Iron deficiency anemia in children

Iron deficiency anemia in children

Anemia develops in children in those cases where the child's body there is a lack of the substances involved in hematopoiesis.Mostly this happens with a shortage of iron.

Iron is an extremely important element involved in the development of the organism.With a shortage of iron children's immunity decreases, because the body in this situation can not resist the pathogenic bacteria.

In a state of anemia in the blood reduces the number of red blood cells - red blood cells and hemoglobin.Most cases are diagnosed in children of iron deficiency anemia.

If the body is not enough iron, it can provoke a number of abnormalities in the development.

Such deviations include:

  • problems in the functioning of the brain.In children, the body that lacks iron, lagging behind in the development of psychomotor.At an early age children behave nervously, constantly crying and capricious.Older children have problems in the development of cognitive processes.

  • Reducing the body's resistance to respiratory diseases

    and infections.In children suffering from iron deficiency anemia often develop intestinal infections.

  • atrophy or degeneration of the skin, mucous membranes, nails, hair, etc.Leather anemic children has a pale shade, their appetite is reduced, the suction function of the intestine is broken, there are cases of intestinal bleeding.

  • Cardiovascular syndrome may develop in cases of significant iron deficiency in the child's body.The child is experiencing persistent dizziness, his blood pressure is always below normal, the tone of the heart muscle is weakened, the baby suffers from a heart murmur, and tachycardia.

  • If, along with iron deficiency anemia, rickets child is sick, in such cases, the condition can become very serious.If your child normally born from an average of 500 mg of iron in the body, then the amount of iron premature babies is usually 100-300 mg.Iron deficiency in the child at the time of his birth, and can be diagnosed if the child was donoshen, but his mother had anemia during pregnancy or suffering from late toxicosis.Cases of anemia in children in situations with multiple pregnancy, perenashivanie baby, placenta diseases.

iron stores transmitted from mother to child at the time of his birth, is called neonatal and expenses during the first months of baby's life in the formation of hemoglobin, myoglobin, iron-containing enzymes involved in metabolism.

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Neonatal stock normally lasts for the first six months in cases where the baby is fed breast milk.In cases of baby food with cow or goat's milk, a child diagnosed with anemia becausestock neonatal his body is not enough.

Premature babies use all their neonatal iron stores to 3-4 months of life.If the baby is fed with the mother's milk, which contains 0.5 g of iron, then the baby may not develop anemia because of iron from breast milk is well absorbed children's intestines.

extremely high importance of breastfeeding for children, especially in the first half of their lives.And when artificial feeding is important to select the mixture so that their composition was as much as possible close to the composition of breast milk.Absorption of iron from breast milk is 50% - the maximum amount of all foods.

When a child is 6 months old, in his power to introduce solid foods.It is important to organize the diet of the baby, that he was eating food from which iron is best absorbed by the child's body.For example, the iron contained in the dried fruit is 5 times more than in the meat.However, the meat of the child's body to digest 20% iron, while the dried fruit - only 3%.Moreover, it is better to enter into a child's diet is not by-products and high-grade meat, especially beef.

fruit acids, fructose, ascorbic acid, sorbitol helps the absorption of iron.That is why some drugs such acids are added, to form in the acidic environment of the iron compounds to be subsequently easily dissolved.As foods are recommended for anemic children products such as buckwheat, oatmeal, apples, egg yolks, sesame seeds and spinach.

regular outdoor exercise is very beneficial to the health of children suffering from iron deficiency anemia.Anemic kiddies doctors usually prescribe iron-containing diet walks and iron preparations.Such drugs may have some side effects.Parents of a child who starts to oral iron, you should carefully observe the changes in the state of the baby.With the deterioration of his health doctor must either reduce the dosage or to replace the drug.

If the drug is well accepted by the body of the child, that already after 8-10 days may be observed a distinct improvement in the baby.He begins to eat with pleasure, becomes mobile.After 3-6 weeks the hemoglobin in the blood to normal.A full recovery of the baby from anemia can speak after a 3-month course of treatment.