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Dry cough in a child

Dry cough in a child

Cough in a child arises as a defensive reaction, respiratory system when the child seeks to be cleansed of her caught in microorganisms, dust, foreign bodies, etc.If a child falls ill, his bronchi and lungs begin to secrete mucus strongly that, along with pus, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, coughing outputs.

Thus, coughing in the body of the child performs a cleansing function and is of two kinds - dry and wet.

Cough - is not a disease but a symptom of the disease to be identified and treated.As soon as the child will take the disease, it will stop and cough.

main causes of cough in children

1. The children's airways hit a foreign object.

Children, especially at a young age, often put his nose foreign objects.It is especially dangerous when the object stuck in the child's airways, prevents him from breathing.Removing the foreign body is best left to professionals to prevent aggravation of the problem.Once you suspect that the kid in the nose or throat something stuck, immediately call the emer

gency services.To avoid such incidents, do not leave your child unattended, keep all small items away from the baby and taller.

2. Allergies.

dry cough cause allergic chemicals, aromatic oils, dust, pollen and other allergens.Before the treatment the baby, you need to show it to the allergist, who will designate the child analyzes and identify the substances for which the child's body responds to allergic reaction.After identifying allergens doctor will prescribe a course of treatment by antihistamines.

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3. pharyngitis, an inflammation of the nasopharynx.

In this disease the cough is dry, frequent and painful.Throat child needs soothing, calming agents.It will help your baby warm milk with the addition of butter and honey.You can add a little milk pinch of baking soda.Well soften sore throat inhalation and rinse decoction of herbs - chamomile, sage, calendula.It strengthens the baby's throat gargle regularly with a solution of sea salt and baking soda.Let your child drink teas rose hips, tea with lemon.Help facilitate the child's condition and eucalyptus mint candies.

4. bronchitis, pneumonia.

In these diseases cough is initially dry.To the child's body started to get rid of phlegm stuck to bronchi and lungs, should give the child mucolytics and expectorants.Thanks mucolytics, sputum becomes loose, increase in volume and begin to stand out with a cough.A good exposure to possess expectorant herbal syrups, teas and special cough, composed of a mother and stepmother, anise, psyllium, licorice, marshmallow root.Warm drink is recommended to give the child the child as often as possible.It can be tea, juice or plain boiled warm water.The air in the room where the sick child should not be dry, otherwise it will interfere with thinning mucus and slow down the healing process.If your child has bronchitis, it will help warm baths, rubbing, back massage.

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5. Pertussis.

have pertussis bacillus has a feature: it irritates the cough center in the child, and the baby can go barking cough of any little thing - a bright flash of light, a sudden sound or nervous stress.Whooping cough occurs paroxysmal.Initially, the child inhales air with a whistle and then a voltage coughs, sticking out his tongue.Tension in the pertussis cough is so great that there is a risk of strain bridle.Do not give your child and thinning phlegm expectorant drugs.On the contrary, the doctor will prescribe drugs that suppress the cough and soothe the nervous system.A sick child needs plenty of fresh air, his room should be aired regularly, it should not be too dry or hot.Even after recovery from pertussis child for some time can continue to cough.

6. False croup or laryngotracheitis.

very dangerous condition in which the mucous infant larynx swells, restricting or completely blocking the airway.Child before the attack of false croup begins to breathe heavily, speaking hoarsely.Most often false croup attack happens at night.The child makes a dry hacking cough, shortness of breath and begins to suffer falls into a state of panic because he could not gain a deep breath.Parents need to urgently call an ambulance, and then reassure and distract the child in all possible ways.Until medical help arrives, let flow into the tub of hot water and allow the child to breathe the wet steam.Warm milk or tea can help reduce the swelling of the throat.If your child is prone to bouts of croup, make sure that the air in his room was wet enough: buy a humidifier regularly produce wet cleaning.

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Whatever was the cause of cough your child, do not self-medicate.Only a doctor should decide to suppress cough in a child or translated into the wet.The sooner you see a doctor, the easier it will be to normalize the status of the baby.