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If your child has heat stroke

If your child has heat stroke

With the onset of summer, it would be desirable as it is possible to spend more time in the open air, under the rays of the bright sun, enjoying the warmth and excellent weather.But sunlight can carry with them not only the warmth and health.Sometimes they can be dangerous for both adults and children.Especially for children who are too young to understand that to be a long time in the sun on a hot day - it is extremely dangerous.Indeed, in these conditions, very easy to earn a heat stroke.

As your child can get heat stroke Heat stroke

child receives while staying under Prolonged exposure to elevated ambient temperature.This happens most often when you put your baby in clothing with a high content of synthetic or left him a long time on a hot day in the sun.It is also a high risk of heat stress for the baby, if next to his crib is a hot heater.

At what time of year, the high probability of heat stroke Heat stroke

child runs the risk at any time of year, no matter whether it is on the street or i

n the room.The decisive factor is the dangerous effects on the child's body - a long high temperatures.The street child easily overheats if stored for long periods in direct sunlight with an open head.Inside a high probability of heat stroke for the baby, if it is a long time in hot and humid atmosphere.The most vulnerable in this plan children - are the kids up to a year.Their thermoregulatory system is not yet formed, and the heat acts on such delicate crumbs detrimental.

Article topic: newborn baby and heat - it does not get in trouble

How to diagnose heat stroke the baby

To determine whether your child received a heat stroke, the special knowledge and experience is required.First, the child is red, then fades.If you measure his temperature, make sure that the child has a fever.At first, the baby looks like a moving and excited, but this state is soon replaced by lethargy and sleepiness.On the skin show through droplets of cold sweat.The child has nausea or intestinal upset.There are even cases where the limbs of the child and his face begin to twitch spasmodically.

a little different look and behave after heatstroke older children.However, they become lethargic, their sick, fever.Pulse frequent in children, semiconscious state, there are cases of vomiting and bleeding from the nose.

First aid for heat stroke in a child

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your child, begin to act immediately:
  • immediately place the child in a shady and cool place;

  • wipe the baby with cold water;

  • attach to the head of the child a cold compress;

  • call a doctor immediately.

Relief suffered from heat stroke the baby can bring a cold drink, just make sure that he drank the liquid is very small portions, otherwise you risk to induce vomiting.But drinking is not allowed, if you see that the child is ready to lose consciousness: in this case, a high risk of fluid getting into the airway.

prevention of heat stroke in infants

If it is hot outside, so you can not assume that your child is in the air for a long time.Make sure that it does not come under direct sunlight.At the height of solar activity, children must be in the room.As long as the baby is one year old, with it you can go out until 11 o'clock in the morning and after the sun sets.Dress your baby need only clothes made of natural fabrics - linen and cotton - and not warm, and one in which he will be comfortable and in any case is not hot.

prevention of heat stroke in children older than one year

Older children should also not be in the sun in the midst of a summer day.Displays them on the walk, the children always wear hats.If a hot day a group of children playing in the street, not encourage too much outdoor games and competitions, that is, increased physical activity, which will weaken the child's body and make it vulnerable to exposure to the sun and high temperatures.The diet of children in the hot days should be mostly vegetarian, with plenty of fluids.And to feed the children in the heat of meat and fish dishes is not recommended.

Notice to parents

parents is important to remember that you can not leave children alone in a closed car on a hot day.Even if you are sure that excommunicates all for a moment, in any case not risk and take your child with you.In direct sunlight the car can become a deadly trap for your child, or who dies, is seriously ill in the infernal heat of close Motor Show.

If you are not planning to be with the child in the middle of a hot day in the sun, but still turned out, look around and look for a room, where there is air conditioning.Urgently go to any shop or place where you can drink water baby and wait until the heat subsides.

sun - is the source of life, and if you are careful and cautious, then it will bring your children only benefit and health.

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