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Malocclusion of the child

Malocclusion of the child

often dairy teeth at kids grow up with malocclusion.In this case, parents are wondering whether it is worth because of this experience, and it not better to wait for the permanent teeth?Dear Mom and Dad, no doubt, have to deal with the child's bite starting from the moment when you discovered the existence of this problem.Solve it on the cosmetic level.Timeliness is important, because otherwise the child may be injured as a result of the gums and teeth.

Crooked teeth are very hard to maintain in a state of health as a child hard to clean them, and will always be areas on which brush with toothpaste simply does not fall.As a result - in the mouth spread easily caries, leading to gum disease and tooth loss as possible in the future.

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addition malocclusion leads to increased abrasion of teeth and additional stress loads on the teeth.The process of chewing becomes less effective, the joints start to hurt, which immediately leads to pain in the neck and face, as well

as migraine.

causes of malocclusion in the child

Malocclusion can move the child inherited from the next of kin.If the parents or relatives met with this problem, and the child has a good chance to meet her.If the problem is noticed in time, and the parents immediately sought help from the children's orthodontist, the trouble can be eliminated and prevent violations of the jaws and teeth.

Bad habits can also lead to malocclusion in children.Formation of the bite is directly related to breastfeeding, the size of the hole in the bottle, in the meantime, that the baby spends with the pacifier in his mouth, as well as the habit of thumb sucking, bites his lip or in the mouth to keep small toys.

Such childish pranks that adults seem quite innocent, in fact, lead to the formation of malocclusion.This problem must be addressed at an early age, otherwise the consequences would be virtually uncontrollable.For the treatment of malocclusion, doctors use special vestibular plate, with which the child can get rid of various addictions.

Malocclusion can cause frequent runny nose and sore throat, accompanied by mouth breathing instead of the normal breathing through the nose.If parents do not use any measures to prevent them, then a year later bite defects become pronounced.

Children suffering from such disorders, chew hard food as breathing through the mouth is unable to provide the body's need for oxygen.The child begins to get tired quickly in the classroom, as well as slower to assimilate the information that gives the teacher.Establish nasal breathing will help you otolaryngologist.After normal breathing is established, you can take the child to the orthodontist to help correct defects bite.

Parents need to appreciate and preserve the health of your baby from an early age.Do not underestimate the importance of a beautiful and healthy smile at the child, because smart smile gives self-confidence and greatly enhances self-esteem, helping to go through life with firm steps.