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Sudamen in an infant

Sudamen in an infant

Miliaria - a very common condition in babies, in which children's skin is covered with a fine red rash in the form of bubbles or pimples.This rash usually appears in children behind the ears and in the neck, on the shoulders, the upper part of the child's back, stomach, bending elbows and inguinal folds.

Miliaria - not a viral disease of the skin as a result of adaptation of the newborn baby to new environmental conditions.Before the advent of the baby born during his 9 months the aquatic environment.Therefore, it is natural that after the birth of the children's crumbs skin needs to adapt to the air.

adaptation process ends when the sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin of the child will begin to operate at full strength.Under normal conditions the sebaceous glands of the skin it at elevated temperatures begin to produce the secret to cool the skin.

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The delicate skin of newborn water contains 20% more tha

n the skin of adults.And while not established proper functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands, the skin is not the baby is protected sufficiently against overheating or hypothermia.

UV rays on the skin of the newborn can also harm it because of the failure in the first year of life in the quantities needed to synthesize the pigment melanin.

until the skin is not the baby has adapted to the new conditions, it suffers from temperature fluctuations, third and injured about uncomfortable or hot clothes and responds to discomfort and irritation of the skin rash.The rash is most concentrated in the areas of contact with the child's skin and clothing cloth diapers.

How to treat prickly heat the baby?

If you notice your child's skin pink dots, then it can be considered the first manifestation of prickly heat.Immediately proceed with appropriate measures if you do not want to baby's skin condition worsened, and the baby began to suffer from irritation.

  • Often bathe the baby.At the slightest sign of prickly heat, and in the hot season bathe the baby 3-4 times during the day.Tray can hold a child with the addition of potassium permanganate, broth chamomile, calendula, or series of purified sea salt or potato broth.Note that if your child has allergies, it should be selective when choosing components for baths.Soap should not be used more than 1 times a day.

  • regularly arrange baby air baths.If you change clothes or diapers leave your baby to lie naked for 15-20 min. To his skin properly ventilated and dry.

  • baby skin irritation sprinkle talcum powder or grease baby cream with a drying effect.Talc pre pour out his hand to prevent it falling into the baby's airways.Diaper rash cream is recommended to remove the skin and Desitin Sudakrem.

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  • Itching well removes water and soda compress.The solution was prepared on the basis of 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.You can add baking soda to the bath.With strong skin ulcers better to consult a doctor who will prescribe a special ointment and / or antihistamines.If sudamen moved into pustules, then the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

  • after defecation sure to wash or wipe the baby wipes.After cleaning the urinary also recommended.Jetting baby, diaper carefully pat the skin and dry and grease in places of folds baby oil.

  • regularly ventilate the room in which the child, especially during the heating season.Avoid drying the air in the room for that special purchase a humidifier for children's rooms.

  • At the initial stage of a child's prickly heat rather use only hygienic procedures.If the baby's skin condition continues to worsen, it can not do without medication.Self-selection is not engaged in drug and seek medical advice.

What should be the prevention of prickly heat the baby?

Miliaria begins to develop in the child's skin in the hot summer or during the heating season.If the air is too warm, and the child in addition also warmly dressed and wrapped up, his skin instantly starts sweating and irritated.When the air temperature from + 24 ° C on the child should not be anything but a light natural linen.And at + 26/27 ° C can be completely undress the baby.

Taking a walk on the street with a child in the summer, avoid contact with his skin to direct sunlight.It is best to walk in the shade under the eaves, etc.Pampers baby not wear in the heat is not recommended.It is better to lay on the bottom of the stroller medical oilcloth, and on top of it - a thin diaper.

a walk should take stock of these diapers and 5-6 x / b shorts to change immediately after their child will wet.If the baby is older than 5-6 months, it is possible to walk, feed him, to hold over the grass until he void his bladder and bowels.

In the winter when it's cold outside, and the room is hot, do not Kuta child.Wear it as well as itself, plus an additional single layer garments or diapers.If in winter the room temperature is 23-24oS, the baby can be put on the sliders and vest, and swaddle - in one simple and one flannelette diaper.

If your child will not overheat, the sudamen he did not appear.About your baby is hot or not, we can determine the temperature of children's nose.If your child has a warm nose, it feels comfortable, hot tip is that the baby warm, and cold - then the child should be further put.As the temperature of children's hands and feet to judge the general condition of the child can not.