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Tooth decay in children

Tooth decay in children

caries in children - not uncommon in the modern family.It generally occurs from 2-3 years, but such a diagnosis can put the suckling.

Causes caries in infants

What are the causes of this situation?

  • First of all, we should pay attention to the course of pregnancy, that the expectant mother is eating and whether it has any bad habits.In addition - to the transferred infectious diseases, disorders of various body systems in the field of endocrinology, diseases of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.The woman in this period must adhere to proper nutrition, her diet should include the recommended amounts of vitamins, calcium and other micro-and macro.Such strict control of diet and health will lead to the proper formation of gum baby, as well as tooth germ.
  • After the birth of the child should be thinking not only about nutrition mother and baby.The predominant carbohydrates, sugar in the diet of your son or daughter, the presence of non-natural colorants, preservatives, and acids in the oral c
    avity creating an environment conducive to bacterial growth, because of which it may be caries that may even cause inflammation of the gums.
  • Lack of calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements in the diet can result in the collapse of the child or looseness of tooth enamel.Keep this in mind and include in the diet of baby milk products and fruits and vegetables.
  • When teeth are already formed, it is important to properly care for the oral cavity.

Proper care, first of all, it is regular preventive check-ups of children's dentist.This specialist will advise on how to take care of the oral cavity, identify caries in the early stages.As in adults, caries is dangerous because of its late detection or neglect can lead to damage to the pulpit and permanent teeth.

For more information about how to properly care for the children's teeth read here

stages and treatment

Caries has several stages, like many other diseases.It manifests spots on the teeth of different colors.At the stage of patches of black or brown color it is still possible to stop the disease.

Caries can be superficial, affecting the tooth enamel.In this case, a cavity treated with a solution of silver ions, or cream, which temporarily prevents the further development of the lesion.The average decay affects both the enamel and the dentin part on which is only effective sealing.

Deep caries - a widespread loss of dentin.Without inflammation of the tooth pulp sealing.When pulpitis shows conservative treatment or removal of the patient's tooth.

nursing caries

Moms should remember about nursing caries.He appears in infants and children up to 2 years due to the frequent consumption of sugary liquids from a bottle.With such a variety of tooth decay usually affects all the teeth of the baby.We encourage mothers detection brown plaque on the teeth once the baby show baby doctor.

nursing caries is progressing faster than usual.To prevent the baby at night not poite fluids with sugar, let the water out.After feeding the baby wipe his teeth with a mixture of gauze, moisten it with clean water.Try not to give a pacifier with honey or sugar babies.

Sugar - one caries

Why sugar foods are dangerous?The fact that the sugar contained in the liquid or on the teat - this is an excellent environment in which harmful bacteria multiply.Consider also that the night during sleep in humans is produced is not enough saliva, without clearing, so the teeth from acid and increasing the risk of caries.

About prevention

So, what needs to be done for the prevention of tooth decay in your baby?First of all, do not be afraid to go to the dentist regularly.Monitor the baby's nutrition, where there are sufficient amounts of calcium, trace elements and vitamins.Set a limit on the candy, sweets or cakes.It is better to replace them with fruits and vegetables.At night or overnight poite child water instead of sugary liquids.

first teeth regularly clean gauze, and later - of children's toothbrush.At the age of two is already starting to learn the kid to brush your teeth with toothpaste.

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