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"Six petals" - losing weight like a fairy tale!

"Six petals" - losing weight like a fairy tale!

Diet under the symbolic title "Six petals", which in itself attracts attention, "every day is gaining huge popularity.The six-day meal plan that it implies, is as follows: the menu each day is a mono-diet based on a single product.

Day One: fish

On the first day you can eat all varieties of fish cooked in any way, other than frying.As a little salt seasoning permissible, herbs, non-sharp spices.If you wish, you can cook without the usual vegetable soup, only with herbs, or fish broth.

Day Two: Vegetables

second day eat steamed, baked or boiled vegetables with cheese.Meals can be mildly seasoned with salt, herbs and spices non-acute.If you wish, you can use vegetable juice without any additives.

Day Three: chicken

the third day only becomes your delicacy boiled, stewed or baked chicken breast without the skin.Seasoned dish of the day can be a little salt, herbs and spices non-acute.You can also use this day nonfat chicken broth.

Day Four: cereals

fourth day menu consists entirely of all cer

eals, possibly in the form of sprouts, corn bread, sunflower seeds, the favorite cereals, fiber or bran.Cereals dishes are seasoned with greens and a small amount of salt.This day acceptable to drink brew.

Day Five: cheese

On the fifth day, eat low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat.On this day you can drink milk with low fat.

Day Six: fruit

the final day of the menu consists of all varieties of fruits as raw and baked.If you wish, you can use spices - lemon zest, vanilla or cinnamon.Allowed to drink freshly-squeezed fruit juices without sugar.

Diet "Six petals" made up by experts so that the menu one day prepare the body for products that are used the next day.

the first day of the diet of fish can "lull" our alert system and ensure that it is a sufficient amount of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and easily digestible protein.Besides fish - low-calorie product (for example, 100 grams of pink salmon contains only 110 kcal), which gives a good plummet and prepares the body for the perception of vegetables due to its saturation protein.

Vegetable dishes consumed by the second day, reduce total daily caloric value, enriching the body with the essential plant carbohydrates.

During the diet is prohibited to use sugar products and sugar in its pure form!However, it is recommended to drink pure water, the more - the better.Acceptable use of black and green tea, and coffee is better to completely eliminate.

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