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If your child has bad breath

If your child has bad breath

Changes in children's health, especially when the child is still very small, it is difficult to diagnose.Mild symptoms can occur unnoticed, and when they finally become apparent, too late, because the disease has turned into a serious stage.However, the ability to identify the disease in your baby's still in the early stages of their development is feasible, if you will pay attention to the smell of the mouth of children.

Morning breath

Morning breath, if unpleasant, can be anything serious not to testify.His reason is banal expansion of the food eaten by the child yesterday.At night, the food particles that serve as the basis for microbial development, and as a consequence of the baby's mouth may be unpleasant smell in the morning.In order to ease the smell, give your child plenty of fluids after a meal.

caries and periodontitis

Bad breath is possible due to tooth decay if your child's teeth began to sour.Accustomed regularly inspect the baby teeth, otherwise you are very easy to miss the start

of him this unpleasant disease.If you notice that some tooth hole appeared, immediately rush to the dentist, so he sealed it.Well, to prevent tooth decay, to teach a child from an early age to a thorough brushing.

cause of bad breath may be periodontitis, if your child has inflamed gums.Inflammation of the gums, such as periodontitis, and stomatitis can be recognized by a dentist.If you breath the baby is present, and traces of decay you have not identified, contact your dentist to have it checked your child's mouth.

stuck in the nose piece of the baby food can cause an unpleasant smell from the children's mouth.Children at an early age, many things pulling at his mouth.They are also trying to push everything that comes their hands on, not only in the mouth but in the ears and nose.It is possible that a child stuck his nose the usual bread crumbs that can start to deteriorate there.If a child t her nose or sneezes, urgently address to Laura that he has delivered your baby from a foreign object.If you have already gone bad breath, it is indicative of the onset of inflammation.

Allergic Rhinitis Allergic rhinitis

- another reason for bad breath child.Access to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of disease drops accelerate your baby from getting rid of bad breath.Not only allergic rhinitis, and many infectious diseases, provoked a bad smell.Bronchitis, adenoids, tonsils inflammation - with the cure of these diseases tend to disappear and their consequence - breath.The kid in the gut can be got parasites.As soon as you save it from helminths and intestinal worms, baby's breath will be fresh again.

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gastrointestinal disease

gastric diseases are the cause of sour breath child.If you have problems in the digestive system, such as gastritis and ulcers, a change in the acidity of the stomach, and breathing the baby begins to give a sour smell.In addition to gastric diseases, to change the child's breath can affect the poor condition of the gall bladder or kidney.The sharper the smell, the intensity of the disease.Hurry to see a doctor to stop the progression of the disease.

Have your child has bowel disease also can be determined by had a bad smell from the mouth of the baby.If, along with an unpleasant smell, your baby's stools and no appetite, then all this may indicate the development of dysbiosis.Timely access to a doctor and careful adherence to their assigned diet will help to establish the bowels of your baby, and after the treatment of dysbiosis halitosis child disappears.

Stressful situations

Bad breath in a child could be caused by stress.The kid can greatly perenervnichal of seemingly trifling matter.For example, the cancellation of the planned visit to the zoo can cause severe nervous reaction due to which the baby is dry in the mouth, and why there is bad breath.In such cases, give your child a drink of water.


smell of acetone breath may indicate the development of serious illness in children.Very often, the smell of acetone indicates the child's development of diabetes.Insulin level in the body decreases, and because of this carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed, which leads to a smell of acetone in the breath of the child.If, along with the smell of acetone breath, your baby begins to torture the itch, and he does not sleep, hurry tested for blood sugar and urine, to prevent the development of diabetes.Another cause of the smell of acetone breath baby can serve as thyroid disease.In such diseases in the child's body is growing concentration of hormones that regulate metabolism.As a result, the child's breathing becomes smell of acetone.


If a child is developing renal failure, then his mouth can smell ammonia.Patients with kidney no longer cope with its own function removing waste products of the body.This symptom may occur in diseases of the liver.This important body is involved in all processes of the body, and if the work of the liver breaks down, the amount of acetone in the blood and urine is markedly increased.

Do not hesitate to address to the doctor if your child's breathing became stale.Urgent consultation with a specialist in a timely manner will help prevent the onset of many diseases in the baby.