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How can folk remedies to cure a cough in children

How can folk remedies to cure a cough in children

First of all, it is desirable, when seen from your baby coughing is not immediately rush to the pharmacy to buy antibiotics.If you are caught on time, you can have your baby cough cured with folk remedies.

Of course, the hot potato over your kid does not want to sit.It is normal, There are a lot of various tools and without it.So, let's look at these funds.Once your pipsqueak began to cough, you need to drink liquid baby in large quantities.Excessive drinking is very important argument in recovery.It is necessary to do warm-up and to give the child expectorants.

Herbal teas

as copious drinking suggest you use herbal teas.Your baby will quickly move away phlegm, in addition he will strengthen the immune system and will power.Herbal teas can be drunk from the mother - and - stepmother can prepare tea from rose hips, thyme.With a mother - and - stepmother advised to be cautious, it gives a strong expectoration.Kids simply can not cope with so many sometimes sputum.If a strong dry cough, take a decoct

ion of wild rosemary and let him drink with honey, 1/3 cup, preferably before the baby will eat.Three times a day.

Onion syrup

When you cough at night, your child will be very effective Onion Syrup.It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and expectorant.You can easily prepare it at home.

needed for such drugs most finely chopped onion and a tablespoon of sugar.Onions filled with sugar, let the juice.Here it formed the juice of half an hour every child need to drink.Kids, let one teaspoon.

delicious drink cough

homemade drug aloe.Even a cough that can not pass for a long time, it is possible to cure such infusion.Take aloe aged three, five years is not desirable to pour a few days and leaves hidden in a dark, cool place.Leaves should rest in bed, and after a week, or a little more from them squeeze the juice.The resulting 50 grams.razbavlyayut100 juice c.butter, 100 grams.cocoa powder, 100 grams.honey.This mass is stirred and it can be consumed.

typically stores it using a glass jar - three months.Here's a yummy your baby should be taken in the mornings and evenings.Takes 1 dessert spoon of snacks and diluted in a glass of milk, which must be pre-heated.

Warming salt

Here's another way to help your crumbs forget cough.This warming.It should be a good warm salt, then pour into a bag or sock.To the bag was warm it should be wrapped in several tissues.Then you need to put this dry compress on the breast, but the heart is not affected.Gradually bag cools and exempt from napkins.Salt well warms and soothes cough.

We treat a cough potato

Potatoes also suitable for the treatment of cough, but it must be cooked in mundirkah.Dry.Mash, and wrapped in a towel.This wrap is able to retain heat for a long time.Compress will long stay in the right temperature range, if it is put on a napkin and cover the top with warm wool or feather scarf.

you 10 to 15 minutes to hold a compress on the chest, and then to 8 - 9 minutes to pass over the back.After compression, the baby wipe with a dry cloth and change clothes it.

Medical syrup

Radish need to clean, make a well and fill with honey.When a syrup gives the kid in a teaspoon every two hours.

whooping cough

When young children receive a very strong and heavy cough, you need the same piece of honey with warm vegetable oil.Let your child drink several times a day.

Badger fat

children under three years of rubbing the back, breast and feet of this fat.As razotrёte baby, wrap him, let him propoteet, then it necessarily change their clothes.Children who already have a three-year, you can give the badger fat as a drug.A teaspoon of this fat can be given only with milk and honey.

Or, if this is not an option, bought in pharmacies and fat child is given in capsules.Besides that badger fat can cure a variety of bronchitis.It also enhances immunity your baby.

Cabbage juice

He is an excellent expectorant.Take the ratio of fresh cabbage juice and sugar syrup 1: 1.

popular recipes to cure your cough a lot of crumbs.Still, try to get the first consultation with your family doctor.You are calm, because you'll know what disease your baby.Since the disease can reveal common cold.And there may be a serious disease.

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