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The child has a sore throat

The child has a sore throat

There are no situations where the child's throat starts to hurt for no reason.Typically, pain in the throat of the foregoing definitions the operation and status.All types of the disease state of the throat, both adults and children can be classified into several main categories.

What are sore throat in children?

throat the baby can get sick for various reasons, and the main diseases of the throat in children are:

  • infectious diseases, among which the most common is a sore throat as a result of infection with strep throat;
  • bacterial infection of the throat;
  • laryngitis,
  • viral pharyngitis,
  • infectious mononucleosis.

Causes throat in children

sore throat may be seasonal.For example, the autumn period - a time when children begin to complain more often parents the pain in my throat.This is natural, since the autumn - the period of acute viral infections and an increased distribution in public places.If the child attends a children's educational institution, then pick up the infection by air

borne droplets he did not take long

bacterial tonsillitis - one of the main causes of pain in the throat.The disease is rare in children younger than 2 years.However, if the child is still sick with angina, you recognize it is quite difficult.A small child can suffer during a sore throat is not just a sore throat, and pain in the abdomen.Lymph nodes in the bacterial angina increased, and during probing causes a painful reaction.

Strep throat appear symptoms such as sudden onset of fever, chills, loss of appetite, inability to distinguish the taste of food, pain when swallowing, sore throat, bad breath, swollen lymph nodes in the jaw, neck and neck.If you notice your child have these symptoms and they persist for a week period, then consult a doctor, the infection is not transmitted from a sick child the rest of the family.

Kids who become ill with angina, tearful and capricious behave restlessly.The symptoms of viral and bacterial sore throats are very similar, so it is very difficult to determine exactly what the kid got sick.However, laryngeal mucosa of viral sore throat may be covered with yellow and white patches.Temperature bacterial angina increased to 38 ° C or more.The child may suffer from headaches.

viral laryngitis and pharyngitis - diseases that also cause a sore throat.If a child comes to a dry cough, complaining of sore throat and pain during swallowing, and while his voice is hoarse or husky, it signs of laryngitis, iea disease in which inflamed pharyngeal mucosa.If a child complains of a sore throat and the mucous membrane of his throat reddened, but does not have a raid, then it is not like a sore throat.If the child's throat whitish allocated lymph follicles, most of all, it is a viral pharyngitis.

a 100% diagnosis can only be experienced.If your child complains of persistent pain in the throat, do not try to diagnose or Tutor treatment and consult a doctor.The earlier the correct diagnosis and prescribe medication, the less likely that the disease will go into a state of neglect.Follow the doctor's instructions carefully, and the condition of the neck of your child is normalized as soon as possible.

more ways to treat sore throats in children

In folk medicine, there are many ways in which you can significantly alleviate the condition of the child, who has a sore throat.These methods are not recommended as the primary treatment.But as an adjunct to medical treatment folk remedies will be very useful.

gargling - a very effective way to relieve pain and recovery.The sooner you begin to teach the child rinse, the more useful it will be for his neck.First, show your child how to gargle, using the usual boiled water.Offer him "pobulkat" neck with you.If you turn this joint exercise in fun, the child will not feel tight and willing to take part in the rinse.

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When a child will gargle properly prepared, the transition from boiled water to medicinal infusions.Recipes for such infusions can find yourself, but consult your doctor beforehand about the permissibility of the use of a herbal collection for a small child.

greatly facilitates sore throat abundant warm drink.You can give your child a warm boiled water.If he is not allergic to honey, add honey in warm water or milk.It is a good remedy is tea with raspberries, blueberries or cranberries.