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If the child fell and hit his head

If the child fell and hit his head

Falls and injuries are unpleasant and dangerous to humans at any age.For children, the fall can be extremely dangerous, especially in the first year of life, when the baby's skull is very fragile, and it is so easy to move the bone.Adults and, in particular, parents should be very careful when handling babies.Be careful and avoid the places where your child may be exposed to an increased risk of falling and injury.

How to prevent the fall of the baby?

Swaddling baby. If you swaddle your child on the table, never to depart from it, even if your child is still a pipsqueak, and slow-moving.The safest place for baby swaddling - a bed or sofa.Firstly, they are low, and secondly, they are wide.So if you're still gone away, your babies take time to roll off the couch and fell from a small height, he will receive less damage.Get into the habit necessarily take the child with you if you are separated from the place of swaddling.

child in the crib or stroller. baby crib to be sure with borders as a threat

to the child's age, his loss will increase rapidly.Do not leave a child alone in bed for a long time, went out of the nursery.Be extremely careful when your baby starts to sit down and, especially, to get up on its feet.Going for a walk with your baby, be sure to secure it by all possible devices in the carriage that he accidentally dropped.While walking your child should always be in your field of attention.

kid starts walking. From that moment the risk of bruises and injuries to the baby increases many times.At first, the child will always stumble and fall.Since its first steps, always be with him, leaving him except for a few minutes alone in the room, if your child will be in the high arena.Inspect the furniture in the room where the child is.Sharp corners of cabinets, table legs and chairs, batteries and other solid objects - a potential source of danger to your baby.

useful device to prevent falling

Today invented a lot of convenient tools, with which you can significantly reduce the risk of falling and getting your baby to injury.Very handy thing - special socks, where the sole of the sock placed insert a retarding effect.In such socks baby will be less likely to slip and fall, especially in apartments with parquet.Special non-slip mats can also be effectively used as a means of reducing the risk of falling child.It can be covered with such rugs entire surface of the floor on the way baby.The less your child will fall, the smaller the risk that he hit his head.

Article topic: dangerous place for children in the apartment

Hazardous areas in your home

Once your baby starts to take its first steps in the room with their braids weak legs, the most dangerous objects and areas on its way becoming the corners of furnitureand doorposts.It is advisable to remove all the possible items in the space of the room, leaving the most soft and safe.All the corners of which may be caught or hit your baby, be sure to upholster with fabric or sealant.Do not leave a child alone in a room with the windows open.Firstly, it can easily hit his head on the sash window open.And secondly, although the kids seem to be still quite inexperienced and helpless, but some of them lack the agility and ingenuity in some unthinkable way to climb up on a chair and then on the window sill.

If bad fall had happened

If your baby is still down, and so badly that hit his head, do not panic and do not waste precious time on finding out the circumstances of the fall, but quickly calm the child and attach to the place of injury, ice orsomething cold.


If the child hit his head hard, and you see that it is close to unconsciousness and vomiting, it is serious.After a strong header child may lose your appetite, acting sluggish, sleepy look.Most likely, your baby has a concussion.In this case, do not hesitate and immediately contact a doctor.

cranial trauma

Even more severe case - a skull injury.If you see that the child after the fall of light bleeding or fluid from the nose or ears and around the eyes stood out bruises, then most likely, the worst happened.

well aware that symptoms of cranial trauma can manifest itself not immediately, but after a few hours of receiving it!

Even the most cautious, attentive and caring parents a child could fall and be seriously injured head.And if this happens, you have to continuously monitor the condition and behavior of the baby after a fall.Any of the above symptoms should alert you and cause an urgent appeal for medical assistance.