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If a child is bitten by a cat

If a child is bitten by a cat

Usually pets distinguishes condescending attitude towards children.They are willing to endure the antics of many of their little owners, even if it gives them unpleasant.But also very good-natured pet may end sooner or later patience.Kids still do not realize that, carrying a cat by the tail, clutching her small fists or tearing hair from cats, they are causing her great pain.And it may happen that the patient animal will be forced to defend themselves, their floating sharp claws, and even teeth.

Angry cat - a dangerous opponent even for an adult.And when it comes to very young children, the wound inflicted by a cat can be quite painful.It happens so that the cat is angry not only because it hurt, but because that is sick with rabies, which is found not only in stray cats and domestics, but also at home.

First aid for cat bite

If the cat scratched the child, the parents of a scratch can handle on their own.Wash the skin grazed the usual children's soap and apply hydrogen peroxide.Scratches, apply

an antibacterial patch or a sterile bandage.

If a cat has bitten the child, then it is a serious situation.Especially dangerous bites hand, since it hands over all the children are dirty, and the infection can easily spread throughout the body from the site of the bite.

When the cat bite wound rinse with warm water with antibacterial soap.This is very important because it is necessary to destroy all the bacteria and germs that are found in the saliva of a pet.Cat saliva, for that matter, saliva and any other animal, is very dangerous.Through the cat's saliva bitten child may be infected with tetanus or rabies.After washing

bitten place carefully treat with hydrogen peroxide or any solution that contains alcohol.Then again, rinse with water and smear the bite antiseptic or antibiotic, and then apply a bandage over the wound to protect it from contamination.In the affected area it is recommended to apply cold.

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more dangerous cat bites

Cat bites heal for a long time and abscess in 2-4 times more often than any other wound.When the bite is healing festering in the form of secondary tension, which is why the skin form a rather unattractive, severe scarring.Among other things, the wound is contained by a bite feline oral microflora cats which anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms.Most are not exposed to contamination lacerations, and those areas of the skin that have been Prokushev cat teeth.

In some cases, a child is bitten by a cat, you should see a doctor

If the bite is very small, and you think that a reason for concern, and there is no reference to the doctor, be sure to carefully monitor wounds and respond at the first sign of inflammation and festering.

medical help should be treated in cases where:

  • you are not sure that the cat is not sick and vaccinated all the necessary vaccinations;
  • size of cat bite wounds difficult to determine.For example, the wound can be visually narrow, but deep enough.

What assistance will the doctor if your child cat bite

Tell your doctor all the information that is known to you about the cat bite your kid to a specialist can with high probability to determine whether the cat is sick with rabies or not.If the cat is not home, and the homeless, the doctor will want to know where she lives, where the walks, contact with any other animals.

After inspection and treatment procedure the doctor will advise you to use of an inhibitor of the categories protected penicillin to prevent festering wounds.The faster you go to the hospital, the shorter course of treatment will be and the less likely and the risk of serious consequences from the bite of a cat.

Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent the spread of bacteria that are already in the wound.The fewer bacteria, the weaker will be wound suppuration and inflammation.Antibiotics are most effective if bitten start taking them within 2 hours of the bite.

Do I need to be vaccinated against rabies at a cat bite?

Remember that only a specialist can properly assess the degree of harm caused to the child by the bite of an animal.If the parents are not in a hurry to show the child to the doctor, they risk serious damage to the health of your baby.Especially dangerous is the situation when a child is bitten by a strange cat.In such cases, vaccinated against rabies and tetanus - a mandatory procedure.

After vaccination, parents should closely monitor the condition of the child within 2-3 weeks and react to the slightest temperature increase during this period.Even the smallest deviations in the child's state of health must not be ignored: it is necessary to immediately go with the child for a visit to the doctor, who will determine whether the ratio of this malaise to dangerous cat bite.

If you are frightened at the thought that your child will put shots in the stomach, let us reassure you: in modern medicine have long been used other methods of prevention and treatment of the effects of animal bites.