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Inguinal hernia in children

Inguinal hernia in children

Among all types of hernia that occur in children, inguinal hernia is the most common.High probability of occurrence of an inguinal hernia in children with weak abdominal wall or vaginal nezarosshim offshoot of the peritoneum.

Inguinal hernia - a congenital disease, and note it in the first days of the birth of the child does not always work.That is why regular visits to the doctor for examination of your baby is strongly recommended.

Inguinal hernia occurs in 5% of children.According to statistical observations, boys inguinal hernias occur 3-10 times more often than girls.In boys, this hernia may apply not only to the groin area, but also on the scrotum and, in such cases, the hernia is called inguinal-scrotal.

How does an inguinal hernia?

formation of inguinal hernia can begin as early as the time when the fetus grows in the womb.After giving birth, hernia continues to grow.Hernia is clearly visible in those moments when a child crying on the strains, as well as when it is experiencing physical s

tress.Color of hernia pink, it is soft to the touch, and it can be removed effortlessly inside.The shape is rounded children inguinal hernia and inguinal-scrotal - Oval.Of particular concern inguinal hernia does not deliver babies.

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are exposed to an inguinal hernia?

inguinal hernia The main danger lies in the fact that it is easily pinched.In addition, an inguinal hernia can cause a variety of complications.For example, the contents of the hernia sac can become inflamed, and if the hernia is not unique, it can be formed in the intestine obstruction.

Another option complications of inguinal hernia in children - is its restriction when there is poor circulation in the hernial tissues because of the increased pressure at the outlet of the hernia sac.The pressure in the hernial sac increases due to increased abdominal pressure, as well as belly swells during intestinal infections, etc.Impaired blood circulation in the hernial sac facing tissue necrosis, peritonitis, acute intestinal obstruction. Necrosis girls can easily destroy the ovary, literally within 2-3 hours.

diagnose the presence of inguinal hernia in young children is very difficult.Parents often begin to notice it only when it had already increased to considerable size.Visually, it looks like a swelling in the groin area, located above the pubis or the right.If you click on the swelling, it lends itself to a gurgling sound.

Oblique inguinal hernia - the most common form of inguinal hernias.Most common it is for boys.Most of all right-inguinal hernias are common, but there are cases of bilateral hernias.Inguinal contents of boys - the intestines, and in girls, as a rule - the ovary.

found in a child's inguinal hernia should be removed surgically.Other effective methods of treatment of inguinal hernia, modern medicine has not yet invented.As soon as the presence of inguinal hernia in a child is diagnosed, immediately operate on her because of increased risk of crushing hernia.

pinching inguinal hernia operated with great difficulty.And after the operation to remove her recovery is a slow and difficult.When postoperative recovery can cause serious complications, including infertility.Pulling from surgery to remove a hernia in your child, because over time the threat to the health and life expectancy rises.Only if grudnichok still very small, surgery to remove a hernia postponed until the child is fulfilled six months.

Pinching inguinal hernia in a child is accompanied by symptoms such as rigidity of the hernia at a palpation, acute pain.Pinching the hernia is no longer falls into the abdominal cavity, and the more time passes, the worse the condition of the child.In such situations, parents should immediately call an ambulance and get ready for operation as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences for the health and life of the baby can be very sad.

the surgery to remove a hernia in a child should not be afraid.In modern medicine, used a very effective way to remove a hernia, in which the surgery is minimal.The operation is performed under general anesthesia.During surgery, the doctor has the right to the contents of the hernia sac, and he will remove the bag.This operation lasts about 20 minutes.In the normal course of the disease when herniation is removed promptly, rather than at its pinched hold child after surgery in the hospital just one day.

other treatments inguinal hernia in traditional medicine does not exist.Sometimes it reduce a or she "reduce a" self.To self-medicate is unacceptable, it should promptly see a doctor and to remove a hernia, without waiting for the exacerbation, prejudice and subsequent complications.