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If a child is bitten by a snake

If a child is bitten by a snake

snakebite is extremely dangerous, as snake venom is highly toxic and can cause death within minutes after a sting.If you notice skin baby two small red dots and rapidly growing around the tumor, it is likely your child bitten by a snake.

the baby bitten by a poisonous snake, reacts to the poison attacks of nausea, sweating, increased salivation, dizziness, drowsiness, and sometimes - problems with eyesight.Child after being bitten by a snake quickly falls into a state of shock and in urgent need of intensive care.

Unfortunately, not always possible to immediately take the child to the place where he will have this help.Therefore, adults need to know how to behave when their child suddenly bitten by a snake.

What should be first aid child bitten by a snake?

  • note looks like a bite.If it looks like a semi-oval of small dots, the snake is not poisonous.Poisonous snakes are left not only a crescent strip, but two typical trace of the teeth;

  • even if you believe that a child is bitten by non-poisono

    us snake, and if he feels healthy, do not hesitate and immediately deliver the child to the nearest medical facility or call the emergency services;

  • behave calmly, without showing the child panic.The stronger the nervous kid, the faster the venom will penetrate into his blood;

  • if available, immediately wash the bite with warm water and soap.If not economic, it will suit any other;

  • put a child bitten by a snake in a horizontal position, so that when it was the bite below the level of the heart.If a child is bitten on the arm or leg, then lay it on its side, bitten limb should hang down:

  • if you notice that the baby start to swell limbs with them should take off his shoes, socks, free from the clock, bracelets ringsand the sleeves rolled up;

  • on the bite can apply a cold compress;

  • distract the child, telling him stories, conversing with him.It is important that the child was kept stationary.This will help slow the spread of poisonous toxins into the bloodstream and tissues while you are awaiting the arrival of an ambulance.

next to a child bitten by a snake sure someone must be.If suddenly the baby condition will worsen, there may be a need for chest compressions and performing artificial respiration.

Very well, if you had time to see a snake, will be able to describe it to a specialist who will provide your child resuscitation.

What can be done when a child is bitten by a snake

  • feed and water snake bitten child is not recommended;

  • can not incise bite.Such a measure can dramatically worsen the baby;

  • can not apply a tourniquet in place, located above the bite.Such actions can lead to gangrene and subsequent amputation;

  • not cauterize the place snakebite.When inept cauterization on the bite will develop abscess, and indeed slow burn wound healing.

also not recommended to suck the venom out of the wound, as to such a measure may have recourse only experienced person.If you previously had to suck the poison from the bite, and this procedure was successful, but only in this case, you can take a chance and try to repeat this experience.

Trying to suck the venom out of the wound can only be one person who is sure that his mouth mucosa has no sores or ulcers.This extreme measure is permitted in cases when you are absolutely convinced that the snake is poisonous, and large in size.

In some cases, a high probability of a snake bite a child?

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Today in the city are usually not found the snake.But if you travel with a child in Serpentarium, be careful out there and attentive.Do not leave your child for a second unattended, as a curious little man will climb into all the cracks and easily become the victim of an attack of poisonous reptiles.

If you are planning a trip to the country or live in rural areas, in this case, you have to be extremely careful about where your child can get a little outside of the home.Also, snakes can crawl into the house, and from this, none of us is immune.

Typically, most reptiles do not exhibit aggression towards people and can bite a person solely for the purpose of self-defense.It is therefore important that the child, when he saw a snake, do not reach for it from flourishing his stick and tried to stomp their feet and slowly and quietly walked away.

Going for a walk, keep your baby in your arms.On his feet, wear high rubber or leather boots and tight trousers tucked into boots.Do not let your child rummaging through heaps of last year's foliage to turn the stones.Avoid walking on wet or swampy areas and remember that, according to statistics, most snake bites a man, when he accidentally stepped on it.