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If a child is bitten by a pet dog

If a child is bitten by a pet dog

Once your baby acquires the ability to move independently - to crawl or walk - it will immediately begin to actively study the surrounding world.And if in his entourage included not only objects, but also animate beings in the face of domestic animals, the inevitable situation where perseverance baby may not like your dog.

young child still not know how to behave with animals, and not every dog ​​will patiently endure, when the child clenches her small fists tears out hair hurts pulls the tail.Unfortunately, there are cases of aggression on the part of the pet in relation to the baby, causing the baby is either grazed or bitten.

What if the baby was bitten by the family dog?

If no blood gushing from the wound a strong stream, do not rush her to stop: let along with the blood from the wound will leave a dog's saliva and germs.This is important because if you do not, it increases the likelihood of festering wounds.But if the dog has bitten through a vein or artery of the child, then use all the means

necessary for the immediate stop bleeding.

Do not use wound treatment agents that contain alcohol: you risk to burn the delicate baby skin, which is why the bite will heal much longer.It is best suited for this purpose, hydrogen peroxide, followed by a wash the bite.Then anoint the wound with iodine, and over it apply bactericidal plaster or make a sterile dressing.

greatest danger dog bites in the head and neck, hands and fingers.In these places the speed of getting germs in the blood is highest, and the negative effects of the penetration of micro-organisms in the internal organs of the child victim may also appear after 10 days.

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Is there a possibility of rabies after being bitten?

After providing the affected child, "first aid", refer to the emergency room.The doctor will examine the bite, to check whether the risk of infection, prescribe the necessary medication.It is also possible that your child will be vaccinated against rabies, if the doctor decides that there is a danger of infection.

If a dog bites a baby - is an animal that lives in a room of your house or apartment, and not in the yard, we recommend 1-2 weeks continuously observe its behavior.Insulate the pet and make sure that it does not show signs of rabies, such as restless and vicious behavior, excessive saliva during, hydrophobia.If the dog after 2 weeks of observation looks healthy, then the child's risk of contracting rabies is not present.

How to avoid bites child's pet dog?

dog and the child does not have to be afraid of each other, because the bite - it is an attempt to protect the dogs themselves.

to growing up kid and the dog get along with each other and coexist peacefully in the same apartment, we recommend that adhere to the following important rules:

  • Never leave a young child alone with a dog.The vast majority of accidents related to animal attacks on children, occurs when children and animals are left unattended by adults.Your dog can be good in the world being, but even the dog with the sweet temper might snap at the kid, if a child tries to bite his newly erupted teeth gentle canine ear.

  • If you decide to have a dog at the time of birth of a baby, it is best to postpone it as long as your baby grows up.Instead, in order to ensure maximum safety of its crumbs, you add in his entourage animal that is a potential danger to the health of the child.It will be doubly hurt if the dog was guilty, and you decide to put the poor animal out the door to your child again does not hurt.Acquire a pet when you can explain to your child how to handle animals.

  • And the dog and the child must always be under your watchful care.Be careful how they behave towards each other.Do not miss the opportunity to praise and child and a dog in those cases when they themselves are correct.Make sure the child does not bother the animal, immediately stopped his attempts to cause the dog pain.When a child stroking a dog, and it is at this time behaves quietly praise her to consolidate a model of the behavior of the animal.

  • always behave calmly, watching the games of the child and the dog.Do not react sharply to their actions.If the child will notice that you are scared of his behavior in relation to the dog, it will start to behave more risky than provoke aggression in the animal.It is better if you do not regret the time and take part in their common games.During these games Show off your baby, how to behave with animals, to set an example affectionate relationship to the dog, to stop any attempt to hurt her baby.

Remember that aggression animal in relation to your baby is dangerous not only risk of injury and infection.It is also a lot of stress for the child.Encourage your baby to take the dog does not like a toy, but as a family member, and in time the danger of dog bites will be reduced to zero.