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Gifts for the wedding affordable?

Gifts for the wedding affordable?

Invitation to the wedding party will automatically make you a great family holiday.But that's not all.Weddings have a relative or friend - very responsible action for each invited guest, as it involves not only the presence of a banal, but a partial involvement in the solution of related problems.This applies to the choice of a gift for the newlyweds.

We want to see a situation where the wedding invitation man does not have a large sum of money for a gift and not coming to the feast at all - not nice and not a way out.Much to the happiness in the modern world, you can make an effort to find a lot of interesting and little expensive things that will be a wonderful wedding Prezent and bring the joy of the newlyweds.

inexpensive wedding gift ideas

If the bride and groom passionately love and appreciate Japanese cuisine, it would be appropriate to bring them a gift set for home-made sushi and tea set from the present high quality clay in the Japanese style.Another equally good gift will serve as a bea

utiful blanket for a double bed newlyweds.Another option - a great album, in which the couple will be able to store your favorite photos taken at the beginning of their life together.

addition, you can purchase a gift fascinating board game for adults that will be a wonderful entertainment for the guests.The set of colorful pots newly made wife can each day to cook for her husband's hearty and delicious.For a nice joint holiday spouses can give comfort to the body beautiful pair set of bath sheets.

Typically, invitations are sent in advance, but most without them know about the upcoming wedding and is in search of ideas for gifts.First, rather than start looking for an inexpensive gift, you can take to the production versions of original things with their hands.For example, using the technique of decoupage.That way you can make a wonderful beautiful design for a bottle of champagne and a couple of wine glasses, garnished with the names of the items the newlyweds, the wedding theme elements and graceful patterns.

decided to give the wedding bouquets.Instead of the standard floral bouquet can present a bouquet of hand-made chocolates.

However, this topic can be developed further.Some of the available amount is exchanged for small denominations in which like wrappers wrapped candy bouquet.And you can "cash" candy folded in a beautiful basket, packed in transparent packaging and tie a beautiful ribbon.

Usually a wedding, decided to give a variety of household appliances: microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.You can very simply good to stand out from the crowd of donors giving small original device for household needs.Ideally, it would be something like the latest model of sandwich maker, blender, coffee maker, or pancake makers.

as memorable gift to a low-budget approach any beautiful piece of furniture, made with his own hands, and decorated themselves.You can also buy the economy version of a floor lamp or a couple of nice night light for bedroom like "starry sky".But it will be much better if you own an exclusive lamp shade, which the couple will be able to replace their standard options and give the interior a unique flavor of the apartment.

to make such a gift with their own hands, it is enough to master any technique provides numerous Internet resources, from scrapbooking and finishing painting on fabric.You can be sure that the bride and groom do not you put off presenting a gift to the far corner, or, worse, on the mezzanine, where it will gather dust waiting for the hour in the company of the same vacuum cleaners and kettles.

Hopefully by the middle of the article you have already thrown out the idea that to give an inexpensive wedding gift is worse than not to be on holiday or go without a gift.So, go ahead!Turn on your imagination, study the basics of decorative and applied arts, with that if you are not familiar with, and create unique masterpieces with individual face!Believe me, Your Present will be the best, and the couple will appreciate it.How else?After all, you give them a piece of himself, of his soul.

Funny inexpensive gifts for the wedding

Remember, a gift may not be expensive, but it must be interesting.In the category of cool gifts occupy a leading place variety of gift awards and award statuettes.This option does not make a present in your budget a big hole, but it sure to please not only the newlyweds, but also holiday guests with its original performance and ingenious idea.

Gift Award - an original souvenir inscribed with a unique engraved with targeted phrases that strike to the heart of the newlyweds.Typically, these awards have been individually designed.A good option award statuette is a guardian angel for a young family or medals and orders purchased separately for the bride and groom.Such awards can be awarded in the form of a playful farewell toast or during foreclosure or interesting competition.And you can present your gift as a "serious" symbolic thing, handing a long memory as a sign of sympathy and a special location.

Funny gifts and awards always bring joy, so are magnificent solution to the question what to give for a wedding affordable.

Price medals and decorations are usually kept at a level below 1,000 rubles, while the award statuette is estimated slightly higher, but it is not the amount that it is a pity to spend on a wedding gift for family, friends or work colleagues.

as a hilarious gift can be found, for example, the sign on the door that says "Head hurts / I'm ready" or "Coffee in bed."This inexpensive Present bring a lot of positive emotions bride and groom.As you know, the main thing in the family - a full understanding, and with similar signs between the spouses will not have any ambiguities, preferences and desires of the wife and husband are clearly visible.

We all remember Griboedov saying that "Happy hours are not watching."In support of his purchase as a wedding gift antichasy "so what's the difference", numbers that fall from the dial and the arrows are going in the opposite direction!These watches are not going to inform anyone on "time is it?".Such a gift would be a welcome and symbolic for the newly-married couple and teach honeymooners appreciate every minute spent with your loved one.

I hope, now you understand that without a large sum of money on a wedding gift, do not panic.Choosing inexpensive and at the same time wonderful of gifts is large enough.It should only be connected to the search for optimal solutions humor, imagination, his warmth and his desire to give care and attention to the newlyweds in such a significant day for them.