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Wedding in Venetian style

Wedding in Venetian style

Among the most romantic places on the planet one of the leaders took Venice.Its narrow water channels around which reigns the beauty of medieval architecture, incredibly beautiful melodies gondoliers, gondola slowly leading to passionate couples, as well as full of mysteries Venetian Carnival leave no one indifferent.

Any bride can hardly refuse to spend the wedding, but not every couple can afford such a luxury.However, this is not a reason to be sad, because you are in their home country and can afford a holiday created in the atmosphere of the Venetian Carnival.We provide all the details to make out how to stylize this way wedding and realize the wildest dreams!

Wedding in Venetian style will allow you and your guests enjoy the atmosphere of merriment and sincere joy in the background of Italian luxury.Through elegant mask the bride can become a princess from a fairy tale, and the groom to play the role of a noble earl.Holiday in the spirit of the Venetian carnival will give guests the feeling th

at they had visited the magical characters pageant.

When the wedding "a la Venetian Carnival" has a number of important points that the future spouses need to think in advance and prepare.

Inviting guests

Wedding Invitations can be prepared in the form of attractive carnival mask decorated with stones, ribbons, ruffles and gold threads.Be sure to specify in the invitation the place and date of the celebrations, and the style in which it is planned to conduct.

outfits for the bride, groom and guests

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Attire bride should emphasize the Venetian style or in principle, copy in all its elements and details of fashionable clothes of the 18th century.The ideal option for the groom will suit.When mutual desire heroes of the occasion can wear bright costumes.

Guests are kindly requested to notify, in which the style of the wedding will be held, which is a mandatory attribute, of course, will be the mask.Girls fit corsets with fluffy skirts, as well as modern dresses and costumes, adorned with sequins, gems, gold threads and feathers.

Hairstyle can be decorated with the help of tiny hats or colorful barrettes.Harmonically help complete the image of the Italian luxurious decoration, a fan and expressive makeup.Men can wear sashes at the waist, and tie a bright scarves on the neck.

Selecting the banquet hall, and its design

main condition for when choosing a venue for the celebrations to be the presence in the restaurant menu of Italian cuisine.After all, one can hardly imagine a Venetian carnival without a good wine, exquisite snacks and traditional Italian salads.

Wedding in true Venetian style involves brilliance and luxury!Romance and magic of Venice should be emphasized every last detail, and bring joy and genuine surprise.How to achieve this?Simple enough.Create the effect of the tent, pulling the perimeter of the ceiling of red tape.Columns, tables and other elements of an interior garnish golden ribbons.On the tables should be delicate bouquets of roses, candles in candlesticks, old decorations and vases with vines and fans.A good table decoration will serve as the composition of feathers.Non seating guests can be done in the form of fans or masks.

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Wedding walk

habitual motorcade of the cars is not the place at the wedding in Venetian style.Much more impressive it will look horse drawn carriage or limousine, decorated according to the style.It is ideal if you take a boat or a rental boat and decorate it with beautiful flowers, all kinds of fruits and masks.If near the wedding venue has a quiet river or lake, it would be appropriate to organize a walk on the water on wooden boats, which will give even greater triumph of elegance and romance.

best places for video and photo shoot will serve as the stone bridges, narrow streets, lit by lanterns, as well as a river or lake, surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Entertainment program

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At a meeting of the newlyweds to create the desired effect will help delicate petals and the rain of multicolored confetti.They can be used at the outlet of the registry office, and on arrival in the lounge, guests at the Devereux which must meet the court servants and clowns, funny memes, Italian actors.Required characters - Columbine, Harlequin and Pierrot.At the entrance lay up spare masks that can give forgetful guests.

In anticipation of the newlyweds, guests can write their congratulations for a young couple in a special album with the help of ink and goose feather.In the course of the celebration, he will be awarded a pair of Brac.

Wedding in Venetian style is very rich in entertainment.This fire show and a puppet theater and mime show, barman show, and the Italian theater of the Middle Ages "Comedy del Arte", and the presentation of acrobats and jugglers, and more.

Venice and now go hand in hand, so make sure that the wedding was attended by talented musicians in the Italian masks and costumes, which will be live music.It would be very appropriate to put in the room caricaturist, who will make fun portraits of the bride and groom and guests.

In the corner is a banquet hall to organize a small "casino" Ridotto, where guests will be offered cocktails rest between dances and intimate conversations.If you wish, you can arrange a room for guessing, going where guests will receive information about their future.

first dance of the bride and groom should pass surrounded by candles with the light off.Young placed during their dance in the center of the room, and guests with lighted candles in their hands are placed in a circle around the newlyweds dance form of the mysterious lights.During the dance, leading utters a solemn and at the same time talking about romantic young and happy future life.

Noisy dance program must have breaks during which you can demonstrate a variety of shows and competitions to conduct gay wedding.For example:

  • Marathon songs on the theme of love;

  • pre-announced a competition for the best carnival costume or mask;

  • competition for the best carnival toast, uttered on behalf of the hero in a carnival suit;

  • impromptu theater, for which you must prepare appropriate details (Musketeer hat, Pinocchio's nose, etc.);

  • contest for the best costume, made directly in the room from scrap materials;

  • dance competitions and master classes unusual dances like the quadrille;

  • a view bride kidnapping is the best fit gang of pirates.

best completion wedding in Venetian style will serve as a grand fireworks display which will certainly provide you with a colorful unforgettable experience.Thus, it is not necessary to go to Venice, to plunge into the boundless joy and happiness mischievous carnival and give yourself the luxury and romance of the Italian 18th century.Together with his guests will take you to the Venetian tale!This wedding will never be forgotten, and memories of her entire life together will be warm and inspire the couple!