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Pregnancy in hypothyroidism

Pregnancy in hypothyroidism

hard to overstate the complexity of the human body, which together operate the various elements and systems.Their normal operation is required for the optimal functioning of the human body.But we have to recognize the disruption in the body as a result of certain pathologies or various aggressive factors - in the future can lead to serious complications.The situation is similar with hypothyroidism, which is often incorrectly called hypothyroidism.Regardless of the name of such a state, it becomes the cause of malfunctions of the thyroid gland, while maintaining the characteristic features and effects of some danger for the human body.

More about hypothyroidism - and particularly the danger

Hypothyroidism is a symptom developing in response to violations of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland of man - as a result of congenital or acquired factors.In congenital hypothyroidism problem persists since birth, with birth he must refund the thyroid hormones.The cause of acquired hypothyroidism becomes su

rgical treatment of thyroid diseases.Note the existence of primary and secondary hypothyroidism.The consequences of primary hypothyroidism affect the tissues of the prostate, it is a secondary reaction to the defeat of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which is responsible for the functioning of the thyroid gland.

should be considered by and large incompatible serious diseases associated with the functions and the synthesis of hormones and pregnancy.A similar situation is typical of the problems of hypothyroidism, which assumes a deficit of thyroid hormones due to pregnancy which may be associated with serious complications and the birth of a child with abnormalities.This hypothyroidism involves a relatively high risk of miscarriage during pregnancy.

Doctors Hypothyroidism is often referred to as a female disease - according to statistics among women it is more common than in men, about 20 times.Especially insulting such statistics, it is given the incompatibility of hypothyroidism and pregnancy, doctors in this case, insist on the need to interrupt the pregnancy, with the appointment of hormones for emergency treatment.But it is necessary to understand that the treatment of hypothyroidism is essential - first to conceive and then to the full development of the fetus.

Statistics confirm a very low probability of pregnancy in hypothyroidism.Since fertility in the case of a lack of thyroid hormone significantly reduced.Among a sign of hypothyroidism should be noted feeling of lethargy and weakness, characteristic appearance of facial edema, depression, decreased performance, memory impairment, attention, joint pain, deterioration of intellect, the probability of muscle cramps.Among the signs of hypothyroidism observed a reduction of reproductive function and menstruation cycle disorders, that becomes evidence of a low probability of pregnancy.

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What is being done for a healthy pregnancy with hypothyroidism?

In the case of deficiency of thyroid hormones in the female body appointed by the necessary treatment of hypothyroidism.If a woman is planning to have a baby, such treatment is a must - a lack of thyroid hormone will lead to negative effects for the growth and development of the child.Against the background of the whole period of pregnancy, hypothyroidism is accompanied by the threat of miscarriage, preterm labor beginning, stillbirth, thyroprivic (zhelezofolievodefitsitnoy) anemia or preeclampsia development.Negatively affected by the lack of thyroid hormones on the condition of the fetus, which needs all the appropriate vitamins, nutrients and trace elements for the full development.Hypothyroidism can provoke negative consequences for the internal development of the child, with the emergence of pathologies, deformities, growth retardation and serious effects to the nervous system.

order to avoid dangerous consequences of this problem for women when planning pregnancy or during it requires a certain treatment.To do this, doctors prescribe substitution therapy - thanks of drugs with thyroid hormone in its composition.In order to maintain the proper level of hormones prescribers levothyroxine (L-thyroxine, Eutiroks), thanks to which it is possible to compensate for a deficiency of thyroid hormones.Use of levothyroxine is allowed and during pregnancy because not able to cross the placenta, so does not cause effects to the child.