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Tingling in the uterus during pregnancy

Tingling in the uterus during pregnancy

During pregnancy, nearly every woman has to face the uncomfortable and sometimes painful sensations in the lower abdomen.Experiencing these painful sensations are on different terms, and due to different reasons.This situation seems quite logical - it is hardly possible not to feel something new in a place that is undergoing a number of major changes.Therefore, the body in any case be confronted with new sensations that previously remained unknown.During pregnancy there is a comprehensive restructuring of the female body, taking into account the emergence of a new life.Centre of change becomes the uterus of a pregnant woman.

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woman during pregnancy listens carefully to what is happening in their tummy.Therefore, it is important that the whole pregnancy was well.With frequent pulling pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy, the risk should not be - it is important consultation with a specialist to determine the cause of this situation.While still with some t

ingling in the uterus during pregnancy faced by every woman - the reason is the intensive growth of the uterus.In addition, it is considered to be pricking one of the first signs of pregnancy.

When the tingling in the uterus during pregnancy is considered normal?

tummy from the first weeks of gestation the baby is undergoing significant changes.We have to recognize that these changes are often accompanied by a rather unpleasant sensations.Not all pregnancy listen to such changes, because at that time, and recurrent pain tingling become quite commonplace.

entire pregnancy is accompanied by feelings of cramping, tingling, heaviness, discomfort, and abdominal pain .It is necessary to understand - this state is quite normal.But only under the condition that any of the above sensations not lead to dangerous characteristics.

In periodic slight tingling, sipping in the uterus or on the sides (perhaps one or both sides), it is not necessary to be afraid of.After 5 th week of gestation of the child every day will be an increase in the size of the uterus.There is a constant tension of the ligaments that hold the uterus.Accordingly, there is also a sense of nagging pain that can sometimes prove a sudden, intensifying during sudden movements and turns (in particular, with the rise of the bed).

Tingling uterus is usually perceived as if pricked with a needle, and after some time has passed - directly into the uterus, above the pubis, sometimes giving the perineum.Feelings resemble the implantation of the egg.The process is not accompanied by severe pain, but still is quite noticeable - so many women is alarming.Typically, this pain goes away immediately or after a short rest, when you change the position of his body.

pain is not strong, unobtrusive and non-durable.This woman is not exposed to changes in their condition and state of health.Women usually feel uterine tingling in the evening or at night when the day's worries is relaxation of the body, with increased sensitivity to the signals your body.If

day there disturbing tingling in the womb, we can recommend some rest.If the situation has not changed, you need to consult a specialist.

Article topic: pain in the uterus during pregnancy

When the tingling in the uterus during pregnancy dangerous?

Uterine tingling may indicate the possibility of threatened abortion.Tingling in the womb when threatened abortion are quite lengthy, leading to pain and discomfort, like a nagging feeling before menstruation.When accompanied by pain bloody discharge (red, brownish), especially at the onset of bleeding resembling menstruation, especially do not need to worry - just go to the hospital, usually assigned to find in a hospital.

When the tingling is accompanied by a sense of tension in the uterus when it is highly compressed, spazmiruyutsya, becoming heavy and hard rock, you need to consult your doctor.This situation becomes a sign of increased tone - also leading to the threat of termination of pregnancy.Hospitalization need not always - sometimes the uterus can bounce back at home.

But in any case require an appeal to the expert - that it has identified a suitable program of actions.With precise adherence to its recommendations will be able to avoid serious trouble and danger.