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Ultrasound does not show pregnancy

Ultrasound does not show pregnancy

experience confirms - in life can be different situations, sometimes quite unexpected.Therefore, regardless of the situation, you should always believe in miracles - positive thoughts can materialize, bringing man to his prominent dream.To confirm pregnancy experts strongly recommend not limited to the use of tests, but also to be sure to pass ultrasound - to detect the ovum and its location in a successful conception.

But we have to admit that sometimes modern, proven technology can produce some glitches.In particular, a fairly common story that the results of ultrasound failed to detect pregnancy even in the 8th, 11th or 13th week of gestation of the child.Although in this period the child has a heart beats, but pregnancy can not be identified.Some of the girls reported that they were able to successfully carry and give birth the baby.Although many of them at the same time directed to an abortion, knowing the fact of ectopic pregnancy.With all sorrow forced to admit that these errors have caused th

e deaths of many children's lives.

Indeed, there may be a variety of situations - in particular, the fertilized egg can not reach the uterus, dying along the way.But before determining the final diagnosis requires a comprehensive check of all the important factors.

For what reasons ultrasound does not show a pregnancy?

Thanks to modern equipment much easier and increases the efficiency of diagnosis and further management of pregnancy.Ultrasound machines have greatly simplify the necessary tasks gynecologists and all the medical staff.Yet let's not forget about the likelihood of mistakes, even in the work of modern art - especially if the human factor is saved.

ultrasound has proved highly reliable diagnosis of pregnancy.Yet all the talk about the 100% reliability of the results is impossible.After all, the ultrasound data is greatly influenced by the experience and the necessary skills for professionals working with the equipment.Pregnancy is often regarded as uterine fibroids or not observed, although the age of the fetus is more than a month or two.

Among the possible causes of errors during ultrasound should be noted and work with outdated equipment.In this case, the equipment will not be able to identify fertilized egg to early childbearing.Great importance is given and the duration of pregnancy, on which the ultrasound.

According to experts, much importance on the US campaign on term of 10 days before the delay has not.Despite the fact that modern equipment can detect pregnancy at earlier timing.Yet it is the small stages of pregnancy are usually the reason why the conception of the child is not confirmed by the results of an ultrasound.

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also prevent pregnancy may identify a particular form of a physiological structure woman's uterus.If you have similar anatomical features to note the pregnancy a woman can only be at a later date.

What to do when ultrasound does not show a pregnancy?

First of all, do not believe the negative - just stick with a positive attitude.Despite the complexity of such a situation, it is not necessary to be upset and panic.Since various situations - including an error in the results of an ultrasound.In any case, do not need to settle for cleaning, if the opinion of the ectopic pregnancy is either non-viable due to guesswork.It must be remembered that the US is not the only or the most informative means of detecting pregnancy.

including to confirm the diagnosis will need to go at least another 1-2 ultrasound, referring to different experts using other devices.To improve the accuracy of the data it is recommended transvaginal ultrasound.The best option - a blood test for hCG for maximum data reliability.But you should not completely trust even this analysis, as in the laboratory also has the human factor - and therefore still possible errors.To such an error did not have a specialist generic best to double-check the data analysis or study.

Forms and accuracy of ultrasound to determine gestation

To verify the occurrence of pregnancy, the woman is assigned a pelvic ultrasound.There are 4 types of pelvic ultrasound: transrectal, transabdominal, transvaginal or combined.

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Running transrectal ultrasound instead of transvaginal for girls who are not sexually active.Transvaginal ultrasound involves the introduction of the sensor into the rectum.We will also be more interested in other types of ultrasound.

among the most reliable types of transvaginal ultrasound allows - with the introduction of the sensor, which is worn a condom into the vagina.For this type of ultrasound bladder should be empty.The result is the most accurate result.Performed transvaginal ultrasound for early pregnancy.

Transabdominal ultrasound - the study is performed through the abdominal wall.This study is performed for non-pregnant patients - must be filled bladder.When performing transabdominal ultrasound in pregnancy at a late term is not necessary to fill the bladder.But this type of ultrasound is much inferior in accuracy transvaginal examination.

for combined ultrasound combined transabdominal and transvaginal studies.

Summing up, it can be argued - for accuracy opedeleniya berremennosti recommended in early pregnancy transvaginal ultrasound.

On what terms ultrasound shows the pregnancy?

noticeable ovum by the results of transvaginal ultrasound should be already the third week of pregnancy.During this period, the level of hCG should be more than 1,800 units.If this level of hCG ultrasound study revealed no fertilized egg in the uterus, a high risk of ectopic pregnancy.To decide on necessary actions in this case must be very physician.

Even identification of the ovum by the results of ultrasound can not yet be absolute proof of pregnancy.Since there is a possibility of an empty gestational sac - which does not contain an embryo.However, to determine this can be made only with the fifth week of the alleged pregnancy - because the heart beat of the embryo can only be from this period.If after the 7th week the embryo is not visible, almost certainly confirmed developing pregnancy.

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If you wish to define a pregnancy at an earlier stage, we can recommend a transvaginal ultrasound.According to the accuracy of transabdominal ultrasound yields showing a pregnancy only on the 5 th week of gestation of the child.

Yet it should be noted that ultrasound is characterized by a certain error in the identification of pregnancy.On the validity of the ultrasound affect the exact date of conception and timing of ovulation.These items are usually, in practice, to identify almost impossible, so you can judge fairly high accuracy.Thus, ultrasound can reveal the ovum for a period not later 3-5 weeks after conception and later.

If the US does not determine pregnancy, although she had to come - should not be upset.It is ultrasound technology does not have to be considered completely reliable - even more so, let's not forget about the subjective factors.Often a situation where different doctors at the same picture ultrasound gave a completely different assessment.Although in general the US has a rather high accuracy, having great importance in the assessment of the health status of women and children.

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