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Determination of gestational age

Determination of gestational age

It is important to understand what the current term of pregnancy can be considered a major aspect, knowledge of which is necessary to the gynecologist to competently and correctly maintain the pregnancy.Since it is based on the current stage of pregnancy the doctor prescribes the deposit of an analysis, the passage of surveys to monitor the child's development in the womb, with the timely detection of pathological conditions during this period.Through an understanding of pregnancy can accurately determine the day of the upcoming birth, and the release date of a pregnant woman on maternity leave.And most pregnant women is important to understand this term, for a better awareness and moral preparation for the upcoming birth, making the necessary changes in your life and buy a variety of items for the newborn child.In his article, we will stop the focus on proven detection capabilities of the pregnancy.

How to determine the gestational age based on the date of conception and date of last menstrual perio

known fact that the conception of the child can occur only on the day of ovulation menstrual cycle.For the independent calculation of the estimated duration of pregnancy, you can use the following formula - should count the first day of the date of the last menstrual period of 14 days to learn the estimated day of ovulation.Makes 32-35 days, the estimated date of ovulation accounts for a period of 17-18 days from the first day of last menstrual period.News will use this method of calculation for women with regular 28-day menstrual cycle.In order to calculate the ovulation period, you can use a home test, available in the pharmacy, or to control their basal temperature.

is important to understand the error of determining the duration of pregnancy, based on the day of intercourse.Since live male sperm in the uterus and the fallopian tubes are able to partner up to seven days - in anticipation of when the egg is released from the follicle.Accordingly, to determine the duration of pregnancy is best guided by the day of ovulation - because there is the egg from the ovary after only a day.Therefore, when planning a pregnancy it is better to have sex a few days before ovulation than miss a day.

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how to determine the gestational age of the survey US?

Among the most accurate method to determine the duration of pregnancy, experts traditionally called the passage of diagnostic ultrasound.Thanks to modern capabilities ultrasound examinations from the first weeks of pregnancy specialist can set the size of the gestational sac, in order to understand the duration of pregnancy.Experts are of the opinion that for the determination of the duration of pregnancy ultrasound is recommended for up to 24 weeks of gestation of the child.

How to determine the gestational age at examination, the obstetrician?

most objective way to determine the current stage of pregnancy during the first trimester examination by specialists call an obstetrician-gynecologist.During the examination, the doctor makes determining the size of the uterus manually.It should be understood that pregnancy leads to an increase in size of the uterus, which becomes rounded.Accordingly, even at the period from the fifth week of pregnancy specialist manages to pinpoint the gestational age, guided by the size of the uterus.

How to determine the gestational age of the first stirring of the fetus?

interesting to note that many women often reveal a gestational age during the late timing, given the fetal movements, which was not characteristic of earlier.You can feel the movement of the child for the period from 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, sometimes 16 minutes.It is hardly necessary to refer to the number of such method accurate method for determining the pregnancy, but many do not refuse from its use.

Accordingly, we can say with confidence - for the determination of the duration of pregnancy is most appropriate diagnostic ultrasound examination and an obstetrician-gynecologist.Therefore, assurance regarding the reliability of pregnancy so as not to expose themselves to doubt, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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Medical examinations to determine the gestational age

determine the gestational age also allows for the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the blood.The level of hCG in the blood during the first or second week of pregnancy is approximately 150 IU / ml, and the eighth figure has already reached 70,000 IU / ml.However, small errors are allowed in any direction.If the levels of hCG are not appropriate for a specific date, you can judge the presence of certain diseases, as there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy or "fading" of pregnancy.

Why is it so important pregnancy calendar?

Thanks calendar pregnancy a woman can determine the change and growth of the child for a certain period, the development of the fetus, a set of weight.Taking into account the calendar of pregnancy, you can understand - on what should be avoided in particular during the period of pregnancy, some doctors will want to visit, some diet and lifestyle to follow, contributing to the birth of a healthy baby.

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