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The size of the corpus luteum during pregnancy

The size of the corpus luteum during pregnancy

successful pregnancy and childbirth are not limited to successful fertilization.Important for a healthy pregnancy has a functionality of the corpus luteum, secretes hormones for implantation and growth of the blastocyst.Yellow body formed from the cells revealed the follicle from which the egg is released.

similar process occurs after each ovulation.But after fertilization, the corpus luteum will not die, it will continue to function as its vital functions can only be maintained HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which is produced by the chorion, formed after conception.

main task of the corpus luteum - produces the female hormones estrogen and progesterone.Progesterone promotes favorable conditions for the implantation of a fertilized egg created a proper hormonal balance when the woman's body does not reject the foreign body, preparing the mother for the settlement of the epithelium.

This hormone is becoming a necessity for further milk production.Promotes blocking following ovulation.Progesteron

e - pregnancy hormone responsible for the production of which becomes the corpus luteum.

in many sizes of the corpus luteum during pregnancy due to the number of produced hormones.The corpus luteum in size in different periods can not be the same: it continues to increase during the first few weeks, reaching the size of a large cherry, followed by a gradual reduction and disappearance.

It matures placenta, which takes its functions.The process is usually at 10-16 weeks of gestation of the child.But in some cases, the corpus luteum is maintained until the end of pregnancy.

identify the presence and size of the corpus luteum is possible only as a result of the passage of ultrasound.During this survey examined as normal size of the corpus luteum during pregnancy - 10-30 mm in diameter.When the corpus luteum in size is greater or less than the specified range, it is possible to judge about a specific violation - failure or cyst of the corpus luteum.

Insufficiency of the corpus luteum during pregnancy

Insufficiency of the corpus luteum - low functional capacity when the yellow body can not perform direct duties because of a shortage of progesterone.Insufficient amount of progesterone leads to the impossibility of mounting a fertilized egg - rejected by the uterus that leads to miscarriage.If she was able to be implanted, in view of lack of progesterone is maintained significant risk of rejection.

at any time possible development of placental insufficiency.Obstetricians regard the failure of the corpus luteum as the pathology with the necessary corrections.They are used for correction of failure of the corpus luteum different hormones.

cyst corpus luteum during pregnancy

When the corpus luteum in size greater than the permissible values, the doctor immediately suspected appearance of cysts.It is not possible to determine with certainty the reasons for the formation of cysts on the corpus luteum.Doctors hold several possible versions, though none has been confirmed scientifically.But quite often during pregnancy revealed the corpus luteum cyst: diagnosis performed by ultrasound examination.

Article topic: luteum cyst of pregnancy

worth considering that the cyst is the corpus luteum does not entail a risk to the woman, a child or a pregnancy.A cyst is a benign form, it dissolves over time on their own - to the 2nd trimester or shortly after birth.Therefore, do not worry.

only inconvenience becomes a probability of discomfort or pain that increases during sex (it is important to consider that passionate intimacy can lead to rupture of the cyst, so it's best to stick to the sensitive sexual intercourse).

In any case, do not worry about the size of the corpus luteum during pregnancy.The possibility of adjusting its state, if necessary, so there is no risk to the baby.Keep calm and sobriety during pregnancy, no need to panic at the slightest reasons.

should not forget about the help and advice of experts.Only with the timely intervention of doctors can be saved as an important pregnancy.We wish you a successful pregnancy, with the successful delivery without any problems or complications.

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