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Determination of sex of the baby by ultrasound

Determination of sex of the baby by ultrasound

Some pregnant women continue to doubt the ability of ultrasound to determine the sex of a child.They are just starting to wonder about the sex of their unborn child - a girl they expect a boy.This opinion is erroneous, only introducing the prospective parents astray.It can stick to the only people who do not understand the principle of ultrasound examinations.It is well aware that the US allows the specialist to see the heart, kidneys and other internal organs of the child, why it can not reveal the baby's genitalia?The question arises as to what term developed genitals and can be determined using ultrasound, they will appear on the screen?

In fact, of the safest ways of getting ultrasound examination is the most reliable way to determine the sex of the child.But the results are important for reliable assistance of an experienced specialist ultrasound, which is engaged in the work with pregnant women.It should be understood that the use of ultrasound probe is not able to detect the presence of gestat

ional sac during the first two weeks of pregnancy.Now comes the birth of a new life in the body of a pregnant woman, and the main question at this time is not in the child.In this period only nature can be known the sex of the child.

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allowing you to see ultrasound during pregnancy?

What will determine the ultrasound specialists, what will turn their attention?Especially in a situation where almost one in three pregnant women to ask questions about the sex of the child.Of course, the doctor will be able to see the genitals of a child on the monitor - the scrotum and penis, the boy, the girl's labia.Of course, these baby's organs still not formed, but can be found on the screen of the primary features.

Formation genitals of the child begins at time of approximately 8 weeks of gestation.On the 12 th week of pregnancy, they can be seen, despite the very small size of the fruit.All genitals are already clearly visible in the period from 21 weeks of gestation - it is at this period it is recommended to determine the sex of the child's ultrasound.Although every situation is again strictly individual - in some cases, the child's genitals are clearly visible, in others the kid trying to hide them, various factors impede the right to see the body.

When errors are possible ultrasound in determining the sex of the child?

In view of the information reviewed, it is natural to argue - the most accurate ultrasound data in determining sex of the child allow to provide for the period from 21 weeks of gestation.In the earlier stages of pregnancy genitals of boys and girls is easy to confuse.The reasons may be different, for example, swelling of the labia girls in the early stages - because of what she perceived as the boy's scrotum.However, in the later stages of pregnancy, this problem goes away.

also possible situation when, as a penis perceived finger loop handle child or umbilical cord.In this case, in the early stages of pregnancy is high probability of error in determining the sex of the child.Also, do not assume that it will be much easier to establish the sex of the baby at the latest pregnancy.In fact, with a long will be difficult to see the already formed genitalia.This situation is quite natural - the baby is quite large, free space in the womb has little.Therefore, he could barely fit in the tummy mother, it is not always possible to observe the genitals.

Accordingly, it can be argued that the most accurate results when determining pregnancy allows for a second visit to a mandatory ultrasound examination - for the period 21-23 weeks of pregnancy.But in this period it is not always easy to identify with certainty the child's sex.After all, the baby may prefer to hide their genitals.Even if you can not identify the floor or make a mistake, do not need to get upset - let the child give their parents their first surprise.

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Possible causes of errors ultrasound in determining the sex

Among the most typical causes of errors of sex determination by ultrasound should be noted:

  • First of all, it should be noted the smallgestational age at the time of the first survey - for the period of 10-13 weeks gestation baby.In fact, the implementation of ultrasound is designed on this term with a totally different purpose, and not to determine the sex of the child.Including experts will define the parameters for the early detection of Down syndrome.However, pregnant women are often asked to determine the sex of the baby, so the doctor has to deal and the matter.In fact, in this period there are already differences between the sex organs of the two sexes, but easy enough to confuse them.

  • also can cause errors article inspection during full-term pregnancy, at the very late stages.At this stage, the child has already formed genitalia.Now the fruit is very large, taking into account the available space.Therefore, the child should choose themselves rather uncomfortable "closed" posture, preventing determine the sex of the child.

  • should take into account the human factor.Perhaps, some experts on US does not have enough experience or do not specialize in working with pregnant women.

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