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The uterus during pregnancy

The uterus during pregnancy

Pregnancy is always accompanied by extraordinary and significant changes, the body undergoes a radical restructuring while maintaining and child-bearing.In the final fixture in the womb fertilized egg eventually becomes the fruit, which is the further development will be a child - its outline will be visible on the results of ultrasound in late pregnancy.

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The uterus is a hollow body of the pear shape - it is in the pelvis, between the rectum and the bladder.Includes wall of the uterus 3 layers: the inner mucosal also average, which contains smooth muscle fibers and an outer layer of serous.The uterus in nulliparous woman weighs about 50 g., From giving birth uterine weight is doubled, the width is 5 cm., Length - about 8 cm. Due to the elasticity of muscle fibers of the middle layer of the uterine wall can stretch, greatly increasing its size - for carrying the baby weight5 kg.or more.

The correct position is supported by the uterus ligam

ents on both sides - they interfere with her strong subsidence during pregnancy.Provided message uterus and vagina through the cervix canal which is usually filled with mucus.Mucus Ovulation becomes viscous mene, thanks to him, through the channel can pass the sperm to fertilize an egg.Mucus in pregnancy is too viscous, clogging the channel to prevent the penetration of infection into the uterus.At birth there is an opening of the cervix, and through it will be a baby.

changes of the uterus during pregnancy

child with the further development and growth will directly affect the functioning of the whole body of the mother, leaving its mark on the work of internal organs and systems.And from the beginning of carrying a child with certain changes have to face as the uterus, which will develop future baby.It is therefore logical that many women are wondering about the changes of the uterus during pregnancy.

It should be noted that the uterus begins to change from the earliest stages of pregnancy - the first day of the implantation of a fertilized egg.After its introduction in the uterine wall a woman's body receives a signal of the need to mobilize all its resources and power to save the child's life, to create favorable conditions for its development.

implantation of the egg in place of the uterus during pregnancy is convex.In parallel with this, especially at the site of implantation of the uterus, and the entire wall of the uterus, it is gradually swelling, swelling and filling with fluid.If the uterus before pregnancy has been characterized by pear-shaped form, with a weight of 50-100 g., The development and growth of the child is a change of its shape, increasing the size and weight to the end of pregnancy will be about 1,000 t.

uterus, which has not significantly increased in size, in the first months of pregnancy is not detectable by palpation.This possibility appears in about the third month of pregnancy, when its size is roughly analogous to the head of the newborn.

During pregnancy, changes the shape of the uterus a few times.At first it was a pear-shaped, becoming spherical (approximately for up to 2-3 months of pregnancy), then remaining egg to the end of pregnancy.In pregnancy, there is a constant growth and the stretching of the uterus, in proportion to the size of the child.

noteworthy is the gradual displacement of the uterus if the uterus during the first 3 months was in the abdominal cavity, its bottom in the fourth month reaches a level between the pubis and the navel.For a period as early as the 5th month of pregnancy is defined by the bottom of the uterus at the level of the navel, in the later stages of carrying a child - at the lower edge of the sternum.

rises at the end of pregnancy, the uterus is so high that it begins to put pressure on the diaphragm, which is why women are breathing difficult.In parallel, there is a constant increase in size of the uterus, which leads to pressure on the organs in the abdominal cavity: the compression occurs intestines and stomach, bladder.This is the reason for frequent constipation during pregnancy, difficulties with digestion, the appearance of heartburn, frequent urination.

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During pregnancy there is stretching the elastic fibers of the uterus, with stretching and softening and ligaments that support the uterus.Woman at extension cords will feel the nagging feeling in the stomach.But they can be assessed as a result of a sprain, and increasing the size of the uterus is only with the assistance of a doctor: the appearance of pulling sensation in the abdomen can be a sign of increased tone of the uterus, which could lead to the risk of premature pregnancy termination.

to the uterus during pregnancy characterized by increased blood circulation through the blood vessels that permeate the body.Consequently, the child receives enough oxygen and necessary nutrients.It uses the data and blood vessels in the opposite direction - to the output end products of metabolism.

for a period after the 35 th week of pregnancy, when it is formed by the final presentation of the child in the womb, after some time a woman will feel a certain relief.In particular, in the 38th week of pregnancy, when it reaches the highest position of the uterus, the baby slipping down, he pressed against the outer part of the birth canal, with the final preparations for the passage through the birth canal.

The result is a lowering of the uterus, helping to reduce its pressure on the diaphragm, the woman is breathing much easier.Normally, when the uterus descends, it is necessary to wait until the birth in the near future - literally within 1-2 weeks.

weight of the uterus during pregnancy, up to this point is already of the order of 1 kg., And her muscles for some time Moderate decline.In particular, already in time for 20-22 weeks of pregnancy a woman can feel the appearance of training bouts and a few weeks before the upcoming birth arise false contractions.These reductions allow the uterus like a train for the upcoming labor.Real battle will have after the separation of the mucous stopper when the water recede - normally this process takes place in the period 36-40 weeks of pregnancy.