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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Symptoms of Pregnancy

main confirmation ensuing pregnancy becomes, undoubtedly, the doctor's conclusion.But we should admit that there are certain symptoms to allow yourself to ensure pregnancy.Only one symptom of the revealed immediately judge the ensuing pregnancy is not worth it.But with the appearance of most of these symptoms, you need to allow time for at least consult a specialist.

absence of menstruation as the first sign

first symptom by which a pregnancy can be determined, is the absence of menstruation.Especially in cases where a woman has a regular menstrual cycle.But irregular menstrual cycle with a pronounced bleeding, too, there is a possibility of pregnancy.Therefore, if you feel unwell during these days, with the appearance of unusual for bleeding, it is best to consult a doctor to be sure.After a menstrual cycle can not be unequivocal evidence of the absence of pregnancy.

sensitivity and breast size

Another common symptom of pregnancy becomes the ensuing increase in the size and sensitivity of the br

east.When the breasts become more luxuriant, aura darkened nipples, increased or started to allocate colostrum, this state may indicate a pregnancy.

Increased fatigue and tiredness woman

third sign of new life can become fatigue and unusual tiredness woman before.If you feel that almost immediately after the start of very tired, really want to sleep, these symptoms may persist in the first trimester of pregnancy.Gradually this state of women held just at this time is better to try to relax as much as possible to rest more.

Nausea during pregnancy - signs of toxicity

fourth feature, characteristic of the early pregnancy is nausea associated with toxicity.Usually, there is a feeling of nausea in the morning.When a woman still in bed feeling sick, vomiting desires, it may be a manifestation of toxicity.To get rid of a toxicosis pregnant woman will need to make changes in your diet.Try as much as possible to eat less but more often.

change in taste preferences in the diet of pregnant

Fifth ensuing pregnancy symptom - changing tastes.Sudden bouts of overeating or starvation suggest a pregnancy occurs.During pregnancy, women are also starting to pay attention to unusual products for themselves, which were previously indifferent.Sometimes even earlier favorite dishes are simply unbearable without causing nothing but disgust.

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Increased sensitivity to odors

six characteristics becomes heightened sensitivity to odors.Women feel not only a change in tastes, and new smells.Sometimes a pregnant woman irritating smell of your favorite perfume, thought the food may cause only disgust.Such hypersensitivity is the cause of toxicity in pregnant women.But it could be the reverse situation, when a woman begins madly like the aroma of coffee or a men's cologne.

Regular mood swings during pregnancy

Seventh ensuing pregnancy symptom - persistent mood swings.Sometimes you may notice that suddenly begin to laugh or cry.This change of mood became normal in the first trimester of pregnancy.The cause mood swings are hormonal changes in the body.Particular attention is to focus on this is not just important to go through the pregnancy, around the blame can be hormones.

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frequent urination

last symptom in this list features - frequent urination during pregnancy.The reason is the response of the uterus to the fetus in the early days, with the pressure on the bladder.This list of symptoms can also be supplemented by some unpleasant events, including bloating and constipation.To get rid of these troubles can recommend a small amount of water and fiber rich foods.

on this list of the major symptoms of pregnancy and ends.Just do not forget - with few symptoms at the same time a high probability of pregnancy.But the final opinion shall be approved on the results of consultations of the gynecologist.

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