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Determination to delay pregnancy

Determination to delay pregnancy

Women should be aware that the first signs of pregnancy to delay menstruation can not be considered proof of probable conception took place.Since it is possible, and many other causes that lead to the appearance of symptoms.Yet often very useful to know and consider the first signs of which are specific to pregnancy.

basal temperature and tests for pregnancy

Experts have given birth and a woman pointed out that a characteristic sign of pregnancy is delay in menstruation.But the delay menstruation can be caused not only by the onset of pregnancy, but also various diseases, stress states, the tendency to irregular cycles.As a result of stress hormones violated female body, causing disruptions in the menstrual cycle.

Among the common symptoms of pregnancy, a change in the values ​​of basal body temperature.Measurement of basal temperature is in the rectum, or the mouth on the first day of the cycle (beginning with menses) to the end of the month.For the reliability of results, we recommend keeping th

e schedule of basal temperature for several months to determine pregnancy.At the beginning of cycle value of basal body temperature will be at 36.7-36.9 degrees Celsius.Basal body temperature during ovulation (on day 14 of the menstrual cycle) rises to the level of 37-37,2 degrees.In the event of pregnancy basal temperature again drops to 36,7- 36.9 degrees.

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sign ensuing pregnancy becomes the content of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the composition of urine and blood.Development of this hormone in a woman's body begins with the onset of pregnancy.Therefore, a blood test for HCG ensures reliable results in the determination of pregnancy.For the determination of hCG in urine using the appropriate tests for pregnancy.Today, chemists can offer a variety of ultra-sensitive and ultrasensitive tests that can detect pregnancy even a few days before the expected delay period.

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According to the manufacturers of these tests, they can ensure accuracy at 99.8% or 99.99%.Considers the level of hCG in the urine as a reliable sign of pregnancy.If you suspect a woman's pregnancy test is often used 2-3 different vendors - for confidence in the result.

Tentative signs of pregnancy to delay

It is also important to add that these signs come pregnancy are considered non-specific.Accordingly, the cause of their appearance may be, and other conditions.If you experience dizziness, fainting in the morning, it could be not only pregnancy, but also anemia or vascular dystonia.

toxicosis in early pregnancy manifests as vomiting and nausea.However, the cause of this condition might be, and gastrointestinal disorders - especially inflammation of the pancreas or gallbladder poisoning.

Pregnancy is accompanied by changes in taste preferences.In particular, a woman can fall in love salty foods that had previously detested.Either may abandon earlier beloved chocolate.

testify to the occurrence of pregnancy can and frequent urination.However, this situation may be an indication not only pregnancy but also of inflammation of the urogenital system - cystitis and pyelonephritis.

Probable signs of pregnancy until the ensuing delays

Among the possible signs of pregnancy should be noted the increase in size, increasing sensitivity and breast tenderness.The reason for such a change becomes hormonal changes a woman's body.There is a seal of mammary glands, pigmentation of nipples, increased their size.However, the result can be considered grounds us and mastitis.

Another likely sign the ensuing pregnancy - increasing the size of the uterus, a softening of the isthmus.To identify such a feature may be the results of gynecological examination - in medicine, it is called a symptom of Hegar.

Regardless of the signs of pregnancy period, you need to register in a timely manner.It is said that you need to be registered to stand for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy - but the sooner it will be possible to make, the more attention and care to be able to pay her pregnancy.

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