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Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy

Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy significantly increases the need of the female body in obtaining the necessary calcium.The reason for these changes is the need of calcium for a child - to contribute to the favorable conditions of development.The consequence of a lack of calcium has a significant impact on intrauterine growth of the child.As a result, the deficit of this trace element can be a disease called rickets under.This condition is accompanied by convulsions, drowsiness and pain in the joints of the pregnant woman.Accordingly, at the first sign of calcium deficiency in the female body need to consult your doctor - for the appointment of suitable, safe and effective drugs.Among the most common drugs of this group during pregnancy called Calcium D3 Nycomed.

How much calcium you need during pregnancy?

For non-pregnant women age 19-50 years, the daily requirement for calcium - 1000 mg.per day, the age of 18 - 1300 mg.During pregnancy and lactation, this value increases to 1500 mg.For a growing fetus

in an excess amount of calcium needed - for the growth of bones and teeth, the formation of the heart, nervous system and the muscles.It is difficult to overestimate the overall role of calcium in the regulation of heart rate, blood clotting.Calcium is required to obtain the development of fetal tissue, including internal organs, skeletal, neural cells, tissues, skin, eyes, ears, nails and hair.According to the research, it was confirmed that the fetus through the placenta daily receives about 250-300 mg.

growing need for calcium during pregnancy is normal for volume expansion of calcium in the mother increase urinary excretion of calcium.Typically, the data needs of the body shifted gain getting calcium from food - due to pregnancy hormones.

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What is the danger of calcium deficiency during pregnancy?

caring and attentive woman be sure to check with your doctor the need for calcium, the possible consequences of a lack of trace elements.Keep in mind that the consequences of calcium deficiency can be quite substantial, resulting in negative consequences for women's health and fetal development.

In particular, complicated pregnancy without calcium following phenomena:

  • symptom complex toxicity.

  • rhythm disorders of sleep and wakefulness.

  • predisposition to pain and spasms in the muscles, bones, joints.

  • risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

  • Crumbling teeth, brittle nails, hair loss, inflammation of the gums, etc..

an adult, a woman strong enough strength and resources to cope with such problems.

but particularly noteworthy are the conditions for the development of the child - in this case without calcium are possible consequences for the fetus:

  • problems in passing through the birth canal.

  • Incorrect tab systems, organs and bones of the skeleton.

  • unfounded fears, irritability, trouble sleeping and so normal.

  • shows signs of rickets or diagnosis of his presence.

To prevent these problems, experts advise Calcium D3 Nycomed during childbearing and during pregnancy planning.

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Indications Calcium-D3 Nycomed

The instructions to the drug indicated that the purpose of Calcium D3 Nycomed becomes the prevention and treatment of deficiency of calcium and vitamin D3 in the body in different cases:

  • osteoporosis (steroid, menopausal, idiopathic, senile, etc..).In this case, Calcium-D3 Nycomed used in conjunction with the main treatment for the prevention of problems.

  • osteomalacia - softening of the bones due to a violation of mineral metabolism.

  • Hypocalcemia - when serum ionized calcium content is reduced.

using this drug improves mineralization of teeth during pregnancy.Quite often it improves, and blood clotting.With this tool provides favorable conditions for the proper formation of the heart, skeletal muscles of a child.

calcium supplementation D3 Nycomed during pregnancy

should immediately inform the opponents use of drugs - Calcium D3 Nycomed assumes no contraindications during pregnancy.However, the importance given to the strict observance of the recommended dosage of the agent.Since this preparation contains vitamin D, in which case an excess penetrates into breast milk - undesirable.The consequence of an excess of calcium can be seal bones of the fetal head, because of what hindered the passage of the baby through the birth canal.

Dosage Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy

determine the safe dosage of this drug can only physician, but it can vary.At the same dosage of the drug is determined by taking into account the usual diet of a woman - to understand the amount of calcium coming from the usual products.First of all, it should deal with a list of products to which the composition is calcium.Immediately recall the cottage cheese and milk.It is also quite high in calcium differ garlic, celery and cabbage.The body will be able to compensate for the trace element in the consumption of nuts, parsley, fish, raisins, and other seafood.

case of overdose of this drug should consult your doctor.Overdose may be accompanied by a feeling of thirst, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, polyuria, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, giperkreatinemiey.It is advantageous that the body receives a large volume of fluid used loop diuretics (such as furosemide), bisphosphonates, calcitonin, glucocorticoids (dexamethasone, prednisone).

Side effects and contraindications Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy

Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy may be associated with side effects.There is a similar situation for violations in the gastrointestinal tract of women.It should be noted contraindications for the use of the drug in the identification of high calcium blood tests.Also among the contraindications to the use of Calcium D3 Nycomed include kidney failure, the formation of calcium stones, an overdose of vitamin D.

principle and the effect of Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy

sell the drug by any pharmacy - comes in the form of chewable tablets.One tablet Calcium D3 Nycomed contains a third of the daily requirement of calcium and vitamin D3.Action Calcium D3 Nycomed aimed at regulating the metabolic processes of calcium and phosphorus in the female body, reducing resorption and increasing bone density.This drug also provides a benefit to the mineralization of teeth women.According to many doctors, it means a positive effect on nerve conduction and full operation of the blood clotting system.

Calcium, together with vitamin D3 creates favorable conditions for the formation of the skeleton, the heart and the muscles of the child.For a pregnant woman overdose on calcium in your body is actually hard.But if there was an overdose, it is accompanied by thirst and vomiting.Be sure to quickly consult a doctor.With regular use of Calcium D3 Nycomed recommended substantial fluid intake - will help to correct the absorption of minerals by the female body.

Precautions and special instructions for receiving Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy:

  • As part Calcium D3 Nycomed contains aspartame, can be transformed in the body into phenylalanine.Therefore, it is necessary to abandon this drug for women with phenylketonuria.

  • When using cardiac glycosides and / or diuretics, it is required to control the concentration of creatinine and calcium in serum.

  • At elevated serum creatinine or serum calcium reduction is required dosage of the drug or temporarily stop treatment.

  • To avoid overdose, it takes into account additional revenue of vitamin D3 from other sources.