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Saving early pregnancy

Saving early pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy, a woman's life is filled with not only a joyful and happy moments, but also some anxiety.With this feeling experienced by women during the long-awaited pregnancy, supplement and not the most optimistic statistics.It confirms that leads to spontaneous abortion, every third pregnancy.

therefore become quite common term "habitual miscarriage."But is the situation is so dangerous, and medicine can not provide us with the necessary care?Let's talk about such an important topic in modern medicine as a continuation of the pregnancy.

cause miscarriage during pregnancy

First of all, consider the causes of spontaneous abortion.

first reason - ┬źnatural selection."The main factor is natural.Nature does not give a chance to the weak offspring.In the presence of genetic disorders in children (but not hereditary), resulting mutagenic agents (viruses, radiation, unhealthy work) pregnancy in almost all cases will result in a spontaneous miscarriage.Current statistics show that this f

actor accounts for about 70% of abortions even during the period when the woman does not even know about the pregnancy.

second factor are hormones.The main pregnancy hormone - progesterone, which largely affects childbearing.As a result of problems with the synthesis of progesterone for various reasons, there are cases miscarriage.

third reason - women with health problems.Trichomoniasis, chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, herpes or cytomegalovirus, rubella, syphilis, hepatitis, appendicitis, pneumonia, sore throat, flu - all this leads to significant risks for the baby during early pregnancy.But it is important to understand that the treatment of these diseases during the first trimester of pregnancy is extremely undesirable.After all the damage to the fetus can carry not only the disease but also the use of medicine to treat it.

fourth factor becomes rhesus conflict.When the body of a pregnant woman with Rh negative, the embryo is considered a positive Rhesus become as a foreign body.Therefore, the body will reject such an embryo - that is the nature.

fifth reason - lifestyle.Can lead to miscarriage alcohol, smoking or drugs.

sixth factor - regular anxiety.The cause of miscarriages can be stress, injury or permanent work.

Article topic: threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy

As suspected risk of miscarriage?

As we have noted, in most cases, miscarriages occur in situations when a woman still has no idea about her pregnancy.But there are other possible situation.The test confirmed a pregnancy, the woman is already beginning to feel pregnant, but the situation is getting worse.Every woman feels wrong course of pregnancy as miscarriage accompanied by certain symptoms.

In particular, the feeling of pain in the back or lower abdomen, the occurrence of bleeding from the vagina, seizures, like cramping, chills, fever and malaise women.Such conditions suggest the probability of starting a miscarriage.

Already after the first signs of a woman should seek emergency in an ambulance.After all, because of the spontaneous abortion is not just aborted the pregnancy, but there is a threat to a woman's life.Sometimes there is "incomplete" spontaneous abortion, in which are stored in the uterine cavity elements of the ovum.It needs cleaning, because these elements can cause inflammation.

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save or not?

known that in western practice pregnancy does not "touch" up to 12 weeks.Even when a threatened abortion with the above symptoms, it is not saved.In this case, experts prefer to be based on natural selection, laid Wash nature.In domestic practice, a woman may put on saving 5-th week of pregnancy.It is difficult to answer unequivocally, whether such a decision.Of course, many women who have been waiting for the beginning of pregnancy, prefer to devote all their efforts to save.

But there is the inexorable statistics, on which the preservation of early pregnancy is a very complex and problematic task.A positive outcome is possible to achieve only when the threat to the pregnancy remain small.

For example, the diagnosis of "the uterine hypertonus" requires responsibility and certain women "efforts" to maintain pregnancy.The main factor for the effective treatment becomes a bed rest.When there is a serious risk of miscarriage during early pregnancy (prior to 20 weeks), a woman may be required to stay in the hospital gynecology department.

In a hospital the chances of pregnancy preservation above, given control by qualified personnel.Among the drugs used to store drugs should be mentioned magnesium, candles with papaverine injections shpy also be appointed if necessary (in case of hormonal deficiency) progesterone (Utrozhestan, Duphaston).

The hospital will be required to adhere to strict bed rest with the delivery of a variety of tests (blood, urine, swabs) for status monitoring.

After cessation of bleeding and pain can be judged on the continuation of the pregnancy.But in any case, can not relax, care is needed in the coming months, again it took to stay in the hospital "on keeping."Fairly common situation where pregnancy was in the hospital, but she was able to successfully give birth to a baby.

How to keep the pregnancy before conception?

Doctors do not get tired to remind: to reflect on the conservation and normal pregnancy is necessary before the start of childbearing.First of all, pregnancy should be planned and be under the control of an experienced physician.

Eliminate from your life bad habits.You should carefully approach the correct compilation of your diet.It is necessary to saturate the body with essential vitamins during pregnancy - vitamin E, folic acid).Complete treatment for getting rid of existing diseases, hand over analyzes.Complete set of surveys.Do not use medicines without a doctor.And just be glad of his life.It is important to understand what peace of mind and a positive attitude, women are an important factor for a successful pregnancy and a happy motherhood.