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Ambrosia during pregnancy

Ambrosia during pregnancy

Pregnant women are very cautious about the consumption of various products, including the first favorite and familiar.After pregnancy imposes certain restrictions.Such concerns should be considered quite a natural reaction, since it is necessary to be responsible not only for himself but also for the child.It should therefore be careful about drawing up a balanced and healthy diet.There are similar warnings in the consumption of pollen.In his article, we will try to find out whether the pollen is permitted during pregnancy, there are some restrictions and recommendations of experts on the subject.

Useful properties of pollen during pregnancy

In Old Slavonic pollen was known as "hlebine" - bee obnozhka (pollen collected from the honeycomb), canned honey composition.

to bee pollen is characterized by a high content of potassium (approximately 40%), calcium, iron, magnesium, beneficial vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, E, R. Potassium in the human body is important for the state of the heart muscle, met

abolism, effectively removing toxins.The presence of magnesium helps to maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system.From calcium dependent fortress spine bones.Iron provides a beneficial effect for the process of hematopoiesis.

including pollen positive effect on potency, promotes effective treatment for prostatitis and infertility.The product itself is sterile, three times the nutritional value of pollen.It is recommended that this product in the fall and spring to use for effective prevention of colds, vitamin deficiency, exposure to infections.Since pollen strengthens the immune system, giving the body the natural forces.Due to the human consumption of pollen may receive only part of the mineral components.In this regard, the pollen favorably - bringing about a better flow of nutrients in the human body.

it allowed pollen during pregnancy?

no doubt in the use of pollen for the woman during pregnancy.Among the major beneficial properties of the product must take into account the increase in hemoglobin, given the iron content of the composition, contributing to better protection from the risk of miscarriage, signs of toxicity during the first trimester.Also, pollen improves the overall tone of the human body.Ambrosia is rich in vitamin E, which is often prescribed to pregnant women in the form of tablets.Due to the consumption of pollen can get vitamin E of natural product without resorting to medicines, which are not very desirable at the time of childbearing.

Features pollen supplements the complex useful for the vitamins and minerals, a positive effect on the immune system of a pregnant woman.Under the influence of the components of pollen improving conditions for the development and growth of the unborn child.Note that the taste of pollen may vary, depending on the plant from which collected.

Norma pollen during pregnancy per day is recommended in the range 14-21 mg.This is not washed down with water beads and held in the mouth until the product is not fully resolve.Acceptance of this product is recommended on an empty stomach.

Contraindications consumption of pollen during pregnancy

important feature of the pollen is in the absence of contraindications in almost all cases.Although one should not exclude the probability of pollen intolerance during pregnancy.Such cases in practice are quite rare, although certain probability saved.If ambrosia never included in your diet, you can try for reinsurance grain of this product, a pre-soak in water and having put on the wrist.If no response after five minutes, do not come, you can easily supplement your diet with this product.
Another concern is the danger of deterioration of blood clotting.Since the product contains a large amount of vitamin A, which can lead to such a reaction.If a woman has had a tendency to the appearance of bleeding before pregnancy, should be careful to resort to this product.

According to nutritionists, the product is not recommended in the evening, given the tonic properties, may negatively affect sleep, causing the development of insomnia.Also, be aware permanent ban on the use of this product.It should adhere to the course of treatment with pollen, keeping certain breaks.To determine the rates and timing of breaks is better to consult a nutritionist.

Summarizing, we can say with certainty about the benefits of pollen during pregnancy, given the high content of useful vitamins and minerals.Yet it should not engage in self-treatment, including the use of natural bee products.Take the product to be dispensed only after consultation with the attending physician.Only in this case, you can count on the maximum benefit of pollen during pregnancy.

Treatment of pollen and pollen during pregnancy - the main benefit for the body

Ambrosia pollen and proven themselves effective for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.Pure pollen or its mixture with honey can help in the case of coronary heart disease, given the content of potassium and magnesium to stimulate the heart muscle.Also, these products help to normalize heart rhythm, lipid metabolism, with increased physical and mental activity.

Ambrosia pollen and provide decent effect for the treatment of hypertension, especially in the early stages of the disease.Pollen in this case, it is recommended 0.5 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals.This course is designed to receive 3 weeks.Also quite effective pollen and honey in the ratio 1: 1.Take this mixture is recommended 3 times a day before meals for one teaspoon.Pollen and pollen - one of the most effective product in the treatment of hypotension.It is recommended to receive similar amounts of pollen, like hypertension - but after eating.After all, pollen and bee-bread contribute to the normalization of pressure after a meal.

to pollen and pollen are typical sosudoukreplyayuschie properties, reducing cholesterol, reducing blood clotting, providing anti-sclerotic effect, with the normalization of lipid metabolism and blood circulation.Useful in

ambrosia and pollen in capsules for the effective treatment of various anemias caused by including certain drugs or as a result of radiotherapy.Optimal effect provide pollen for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.The action of pollen and pollen promotes effective regulation of lipid metabolism, which distinguishes them from various synthetic drugs, which are often not able to bring a special improvement.Pollen and pollen has long been common for the treatment of various diseases of the digestive tract, is superior to common chemotherapeutic agents.

Perga and pollen can not only improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, but also to restore full operation of the liver and pancreas.The results of the study were able to confirm that the fertility of laboratory animals when consumed pollen increases by 70%.It is likely that a similar effect is necessary for the human body.Action pollen improves the hemoglobin in the blood, vigor, improves appetite, stimulate mental activity and growth.Action pollen helps to normalize the intestine, increasing protection against the growth of pathogens, including dysentery, E. coli and so forth.

recommended intake of pollen for people with gastritis, enteritis, colitis.Its action contributes to the normalization of intestinal constipation, chronic diarrhea, to improve the effect and digestibility of nutrients.It confirmed the effectiveness of pollen and pollen for the treatment of duodenal ulcers and stomach.

recommended intake of pollen and pollen in the case of respiratory diseases, these products are widely distributed to effectively treat abscesses, pneumonia, accompanied by purulent intoxication, reducing the body's immunity.Due to the consumption of pollen and pollen manage to get rid of harmful toxins in your body, including nitrates and fluorides, also from the toxins contained in various medicines.Thus pollen and pollen are capable of increasing the therapeutic effect of various medications, reducing their toxic effects to the human body.

to pollen and pollen is characteristic of a great radioprotective and anti-tumor effect, with a decrease in the impact of pathologies and tumor growth delay.Distributed to use them as aids to more effective treatment of oncological diseases.Pollen and pollen contain iodine, which promotes a positive effect on the functioning of the endocrine system, the stimulation of insulin production by the pancreas.Therefore, they are quite common in patients colitis, diabetes and hepatitis.