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The ovaries during pregnancy

The ovaries during pregnancy

female body from the beginning of pregnancy is faced with various changes.Some changes in the body of a pregnant woman initially seem just nevozmozhnmi.Even hard to imagine that the uterus during pregnancy may increase by an average of 20 times, can strain of ribs, the difference in the parties to the pelvic bones and so forth. It seems that in this time of change literally everything.But mostly, this process is aimed at female sex organs and appendages.With significant changes during gestation baby face and a woman's ovaries.

How to change the ovaries during pregnancy?

ovaries perform extremely important role in producing sex hormones, becoming a place of egg maturation.Since the beginning of pregnancy in one of the ovaries is the formation of the corpus luteum, enhances the production of progesterone - allows you to save and develop the fertilized egg.The lifetime of the corpus luteum is up to 12 weeks.Further, its functions transferred already developed placenta, the corpus luteum itself is gradua

lly dying.

ovarian activity during pregnancy is suspended, because now there is no need of maturing eggs - fertilization has already occurred, so the goal is achieved.The ovaries go into "hibernation", that there was no new ovulation.At this time, there is a slight increase in their size due to increase blood circulation, and the location varies: the ovaries displaced by the increasing uterus of the pelvis, moving to a new place.Further, the ovaries are directed slightly forward and upward.

ovarian disease during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the ovaries need time to disappear.After all, so to speak, they simply turned off, ceasing to function.Accordingly, one can speak of a sense of falsity faced by many women - like when the ovaries ache during pregnancy.It is usually a woman does not know that the appendages at the same location anymore.

Article topic: Ovarian dysfunction

pain at the location of the ovaries during pregnancy is usually due to ongoing tension of the muscles that support the uterus on both sides of the abdomen, also increase the size of the uterus.Therefore hesitate conditions for almost all of the internal organs, which are faced with a sense of discomfort.Perhaps even the appearance of pain.

But inflammation of the ovaries during pregnancy and other complications is still likely if the pregnancy took place against the background.There are some diseases related to the condition of the ovaries:

- Adnexitis (oophoritis) is inflammation of the uterine appendages, including the ovaries, often accompanied by salpingitis (inflammation of the fallopian tubes).The cause of the infection becomes oophoritis genitals (mycoplasmosis, candidiasis, chlamydia)

- tumor or cyst - protrusions on the body of the ovary, pressing on adjacent tissues, leading to pain.

- apoplexy - the process of breaking the ovary, accompanied by bleeding into the abdominal cavity.

When a woman may disturb the ovaries during pregnancy?

were inflamed when the ovaries before a woman is pregnant, there will be increasing problem with its offensive.In almost every case the listed diseases are accompanied by a sense of sharp, severe pain.Pain may persist for quite a long time, while periodically accruing and seeking.In such cases, a prerequisite for getting expert help, not waiting until the pain will pass by itself.

Article topic: Sore ovaries during pregnancy

If occasionally felt a nagging, or even acute pain fades with time, it is likely the cause of the problem are not the ovaries and uterine growth during pregnancy.To get rid of the pain can be recommended to change their position or do a quiet inhale-exhale deeply.Do not forget the option to simply rest - it is likely that it will be enough.It is important to daily bowel movements, as a result of constipation during pregnancy may occur pain is very reminiscent of "ovarian".

Yet sometimes the ovaries during pregnancy are cause interruption or miscarriage.Yet they need treatment of inflammation, which also has a negative impact on the child.Therefore, experts advise to conduct a full medical (including gynecological) examination at the planning stage of their pregnancy.If in doubt, require an unscheduled address to the doctor to be sure.