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How to determine the pregnancy to delay

How to determine the pregnancy to delay

There was whether the pregnancy - a fairly common question posed by planning and carrying a child, and the fear of unwanted pregnancy.Delayed menstruation refers to the number of experts and the earliest possible signs of pregnancy.But sometimes a couple is important to determine a pregnancy even before the delay.In his article, we take a closer look at the different methods and techniques that make possible to determine pregnancy even before the delay.

How to define your own pregnancy to delay

Faster guess about the occurrence of pregnancy can a woman, who know and listen to your body.First of all, it is taken into account - the signs of the ensuing pregnancy is possible only after a week from the moment of conception, and sometimes later.It is important to consider that conception can occur only during ovulation - in the 12-14 day cycle (from the date of last menstrual period).

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Another common way to determine pregnancy to delay menstruation becom

es a measurement of basal body temperature.When sexual intercourse during ovulation, a fertilized egg, from the day of ovulation until the date of the alleged monthly basal temperature will be 37 degrees.She can stay at this level has a certain time.

use pregnancy tests and to determine pregnancy at a fairly early.HCG hormone production begins at 7-8 days after fertilization.Already on the 12th day of its concentration it is sufficient for an appropriate response pregnancy test.The optimal solution is to select the sensitivity of the test, with the implementation of the procedure in the morning.Perhaps the weak reflection of the second strip, in which case you want to buy one more test.But keep in mind that when a weak second strip more likely positive than negative.When using a pregnancy test noteworthy is its shelf life, follow the instructions product storage recommendations.

Allows you to determine pregnancy and performing blood test for levels of hCG.This variant is called diagnostic experts more reliable and easy compared to the use of the test.This analysis should give the morning on an empty stomach.If the content of hCG in the blood were found, meaning in other testing not - pregnancy has not occurred.

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signals the body to delay pregnancy until

Most women are well aware of the various methods for determining the pregnancy, taking into account the signals of your body and health.

testify to the occurrence of pregnancy can be certain subjective characteristics of the female organism:

- signs of toxicity in the form of vomiting and nausea.It is understood that the early morning sickness during the first weeks are uncommon.Therefore we should not jump to conclusions when there was sickness in the first days after the alleged conception.It is likely that the problem in this case lies in the banal poisoning.Manifested early toxicosis will be within 4-5 weeks from the date of the alleged conception.Accordingly, the first month there is a delay, and only then comes the morning sickness.

- Swelling, appearance of pain in the breasts.Such notice many changes during pregnancy.Maybe like a bursting chest, sometimes going even allocation of yellowish liquid - colostrum.Usually, it is not linked to the future volume of milk.

- The appearance of pain in the lower abdomen.Such pain may occur before the onset of menstruation.But the emergence of pain without the onset of menstruation becomes a sign of pregnancy.

- Increased or decreased libido.In each case, these changes are individual.Passionate women may notice a significant decrease in their sexual activity, and vice versa.

- Increased vaginal discharge.It may be an increase in their number.It noted a similar change in the first weeks after conception.Such separation is normally a colorless, is not contained in its consistency admixture of blood.

- frequent urination.Every woman knows about the frequency of their desires in a toilet.But pregnancy leads to a relaxation of the sphincter of the bladder, which is why frequent urination.

Mood changes during pregnancy occurs

well aware of tearfulness, irritability and temper of women during pregnancy.This process begins almost immediately from the moment of conception.Including a sign of pregnancy can be a serious change their eating habits and moods.It is also quite common opinion that during pregnancy there are dreams of fish.Yet this opinion should be regarded only as signs, not of fact.However, it was common even among our grandmothers.

In any case, it can be argued that the most reliable way to determine pregnancy to delay - a blood test for hCG.