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Cucumbers in pregnancy

Cucumbers in pregnancy

cucumber occupies the fourth position in the overall list of the most cultivated vegetables.Among its features it should be noted a very low probability of allergy cucumber, rich content of useful minerals and vitamins.Therefore, the benefits of consumption of cucumbers are considerably higher than the possible disadvantages.You should also understand how to combine the cucumbers with a pregnancy, you need to know about pickles that always want to try during childbearing?All this is quite a common question we will pay special attention in his article.

Useful properties of fresh cucumbers during pregnancy

Immediately is to say that cucumbers are fairly low-calorie vegetables, 100 gr.which contain within 14-20 calories (the exact figure depends on the variety).Consequently, cucumbers can be a great supplement their daily diet, do not worry about the appearance of forcing extra kilos.Cucumbers have a high water content (about 95%), thus becoming an effective prevention of the problem of dehydration.Cu

cumber peel - an excellent source of fiber, facilitating hemorrhoids and constipation, that women face during pregnancy.

Cucumbers are high in potassium - the required intracellular electrolyte that is essential to balance the body's blood pressure woman.But the advantages of the cucumbers are not limited.It should be noted the high content of different mineral components, which provide an excellent antioxidant effect.Among these elements should be mentioned vitamins C, A, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein.The action of these agents results in enhanced immune pregnant women in order to better withstand the danger of infections and colds.

Cucumber contains a lot of vitamin K, contributing to the strength of bones and teeth of women.Also of note is the content of vitamins in cucumbers Group B: B9 (folic acid, which is needed female body for the prevention of fetal malformations), vitamin B3, B2, B1.Speaking of the trace elements, the cucumbers are different in potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium.

Iron - the basis of healthy blood formation in the female body, thus also prevent anemia and to provide oxygen to the fetus.Other trace elements in the composition of cucumbers promote normal growth and development of the child.Let us also remember about the wonderful therapeutic effect of cucumbers in the case of burns.When such an injury is sufficient to make the cucumber to the wound to prevent the formation of blisters.

Summing up - the main benefit of cucumbers with regular use:

  • normalization of the heart.

  • lowering blood pressure.

  • may be used as a laxative.

  • excellent analgesic effect.

  • content of vitamins C, and B.

  • Take part in cleaning the body from harmful substances.

  • Efficient removal of liver disease.

  • Improving mental development.

  • thirst quencher.

  • Many minerals.

  • Rejuvenation.

  • use for masks.

  • participation in the assimilation of fats and proteins.

  • antipyretic effect.

  • treatment of thyroid diseases.

  • Diaphoretic property cucumbers.

negative impact of cucumbers for a pregnant woman

However, cucumbers during pregnancy can provide not only the undoubted benefits, but also involve certain risks.Among the most common effects can be noted disorder of the gastrointestinal tract and the accumulation of intestinal gas burps in pregnant women.Quite rare, but possible is the appearance of itching due to allergies to cucumbers grown using a variety of chemical fertilizers.

In this regard, we are talking about greenhouse cucumbers that can be sold in the winter.In the case of domestic cucumbers collected from gardens in the open field, there is no allergy.If signs of allergy by eating cucumbers, should abandon the party.

Do not forget the diuretic effect of cucumbers - hence the participation of urination, which often leads to discomfort for working women.

should be cautious about buying greenhouse cucumbers and natural products markets.The key to the health of women and the unborn child are vegetables without using chemical fertilizers.It is also useful to know what is useful to use cucumbers day, given better assimilation at the time of their diuretic effect at night can cause sleep problems.

Pickles during pregnancy

Particular attention should be given to pickles during pregnancy.It should be understood that the salted and pickled cucumbers may have a negative effect on tooth enamel.Because their structure is a lot of acetic acid.Pickles lead to increased appetite, which may be a consequence of a set of extra kilos.Also consider undesirable consumption of pickled cucumbers in the case of diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and hypertension during pregnancy.

But it can treat yourself to one or two pickles that will not result in harm to the female body.Also note that cucumbers do not lead to edema - they are the consequence of poor kidney function.If the kidneys during pregnancy is not in order, it is better to abandon pickles.As the kidneys will be faced with a double burden, as will have to be processed with salt cucumbers.

Interesting facts about cucumbers

greenhouses for growing cucumbers was first developed for the Emperor Tiberius - it was a special connoisseur of this vegetable.60% of all cucumbers grown in China today.In Shklov, and the beautiful ancient city Lukhovitsy monuments cucumbers.In the summer, on July 27, every year takes the traditional holiday Suzdal cucumber.

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