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Mucus during pregnancy

Mucus during pregnancy

After confirming the ensuing pregnancy, women have to pay special attention to the state of his health, the new signals of the body, it changes and feelings.It changes the body become the main informant women about pregnancy and child development.An important indicator of normal condition during pregnancy and becoming allocation, which usually change their state is already in the early stages.Typically, a woman sees in this period the appearance of mucus, which had previously appeared in the second phase of the menstrual cycle.

Mucous discharge during pregnancy is the norm

be understood that the mucus during pregnancy in varying amounts, according to their consistency similar to egg white, clear or slightly whitish, are an absolute norm.Especially adhere to such opinion experts for a period of 12 weeks of gestation of the child when the female body is dominated by the hormone progesterone.Progesterone is also called the pregnancy hormone, as the preservation and the normal development of the state

is dependent on it.Progesterone is also a direct participant in the formation of mucus plug, conducive to the protection of the child from various unfavorable factors, including infections.

Article topic: emitted during pregnancy

pregnant woman during the first 12 weeks of gestation of the child observes the appearance of mucus in the underwear.Mucus during pregnancy tend to be quite viscous, opaque mucus can fluctuate in a large range - from very small to over copious amounts.The nature of mucus affect especially the female body.But in any case, the appearance of mucous secretions during pregnancy is normal - the cause is hormonal changes in the female body.

When the 12 th week of pregnancy all the more viscous secretions, then the 13th, when an activation also produce estrogen, there razzhizhzhenie mucus.Accordingly, there is an allocation less viscous mucus.Can significantly increase the level of discharge, which also leads to additional discomfort for the pregnant woman.To avoid such discomfort, we can recommend the daily sanitary pads that do not contain flavoring agents in order to avoid irritations of mucous genitals.It is strongly advised not to use tampons because they lead to a risk of infection, which sometimes can be quite dangerous.

woman is important to monitor and record changes in the nature of their secretions throughout the pregnancy, including in the early stages.Noteworthy are the "degree" of viscosity, smell, color and consistency of secretions - evidence of infection and inflammation may be cheesy discharge, bubbling, brown or greenish, with a pungent smell.The presence of infection is usually not limited as the changing nature of secretions, also leads to itching and burning in the genital area, marked and painful urination.Such signs must be the basis for consultation with a specialist to identify and diagnose the cause of these changes for the optimal course of treatment, if necessary.

Color mucous secretions during pregnancy - causes of

  • white discharge during pregnancy for its consistency consist of mucus, which contains epithelial cells.They exfoliated vaginal walls with the body.Also of note in the mucus content of useful cells that produce lactic acid - its purpose is to protect against various bacteria.As part of the selection is and the fluid, its amount increases significantly when excited.Therefore, the appearance of white vaginal discharge, moisturizing and cleansing the vagina is quite normal.

  • should also be considered quite normal for abundant clear discharge.Thanks to them supported by the normal vaginal flora.Also, the appearance of copious clear discharge may result in activation of the secretory function of the cervix and vagina.

  • Article topic: yellow discharge during pregnancy

  • yellow discharge during pregnancy - an abnormal phenomenon.Yellow allocation are pus accumulation that occurs in the lining of the vagina.The reason for the formation of pus are pathogens, including gonococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli.

  • greenish discharge becomes a sign of progressive disease.Bubble discharge may be a sign of gonorrhea or trichomoniasis.This condition is accompanied by burning, severe itching, painful urination.

  • Bright yellow discharge accompanied by inflammation of the ovaries or fallopian tube.There is also the likelihood of bacterial infection of the vagina, which could be before pregnancy, just remained dormant.With the onset of pregnancy weakens the immune system, which allowed the infection to manifest themselves.

  • Pink allocation during pregnancy contain in the structure of the impurity levels.When they appear in the scant amount during the alleged menstruation, usually no reason to worry.But in a situation when, together with the secretions appear pain, especially cramping in the lower back or abdomen, the doctor needs help.Since this process can be a sign of the beginning of miscarriage.Accordingly, it is very important emergency medical care for the big chance to maintain pregnancy.

  • Article topic: brown discharge during pregnancy

  • brown discharge during pregnancy - normal if smeared in the 1st trimester during the expected menstruation.But it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor for treatment, since the same highlight color can be a sign of a threat of miscarriage.Brown discharge becomes when the ovum is separated from the wall of the uterus.The result becomes a leakage of blood from the appearance of pain and dizziness.In this situation, there is a need of urgent hospitalization to maintain pregnancy in stationary conditions.The appearance of brown discharge in the very early period may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.Also, for such a condition characterized by severe bleeding and pain.In this case, it is sure to need an abortion.

Accordingly, a profusion of color and consistency of secretions during pregnancy are of particular importance.It is therefore important to monitor and record their referring physician for help in case of doubt.

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